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Helpful resources

timeanddate.com wishes to advise that these are resources available on the Internet:

These resources have been very helpful during the development and maintenance of this site.

People who have helped

  • Thousands of people have helped with suggestions, corrections and ideas of what is needed on the site. Many thanks to everyone who has been supportive and helpful.
  • Thanks to everyone who reported errors, daylight saving time (DST) and time zone changes.
  • Thanks to those who linked, wrote or told friends about this site.
  • Thanks to those who advertise on the site - to keep it alive.
  • Thanks for the positive feedback sent to us via email.
  • Thanks to everyone else who helped in one way or another.

Software used developing the site

Most of the web pages are created on-the-fly using scripts. Many different programming languages are used, as they are each beneficial for the development and maintenance of this site.

Other software used for this website:

  • Linux as the primary development platform.
  • Apache 2 with PHP as the development webserver.
  • Nginx as frontend webserver.
  • Varnish for speeding up web delivery.
  • Eclipse - a very powerful IDE.
  • Vim - Editor for hackers

The site runs on dedicated servers in multiple locations around the world.


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