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Logo Use and Download

The timeanddate.com logo is available on this page for download and use at one's own discretion.

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The timeanddate.com logo is available on this page for download and use at one’s own discretion. Please read the information on this page if you wish to download our logo.

Permission is not needed to use timeanddate.com’s logo but it is important that users adhere to the guidelines outlined on this page prior to downloading the logo. Users must understand that the deviations from the guidelines are not acceptable unless agreed to in writing by timeanddate.com. 

Please consider copying the logo directly to your site, rather than including it from our site.

Download logo

Websites can use the timeanddate.com logo to link to our site. The logo is available in several sizes listed below:

Download Logo:500 x 275 pixels  | 200 x 110 pixels  | 100 x 55 pixels

Wide Logo:600 x 80 pixels  | 250 x 35 pixels  | 125 x 20 pixels

Download Instructions for Logo

Please use the following instructions to download the timeanddate.com logo:

  • Click on one of the links above and your download should start automatically in a few seconds.
  • If it does not automatically start, then try to click on the right mouse button on the icon you want to download and choose “Save target as…”, “Save link as…”, or “Download link to disk…”.
  • Select location (e.g. desktop) where you would like to save the image and click “Save”.


Below are the terms and conditions for using timeanddate.com’s logo:

  • The logo should not be used in contexts that are negative, discriminatory, obscene or degrading.
  • The logo must always be proportionately scaled and clearly legible.
  • The logo’s appearance, which includes its color and shape, must not be modified or altered.
  • All elements of the logo are to be clearly visible when placed on colored backgrounds. Where possible the logo must appear in color on a white or light background.
  • The minimum size that the logo should be displayed is 25mm wide.
  • When co-branded with another logo, timeanddate.com’s logo must be equally sized with other logos featured together.
  • The logo should not be used in a way that it gives the impression that your website is a part of timeanddate.com.
  • The way in which the logo is used or placed should not imply that timeanddate.com endorses or sponsors the product or service on your site.
  • The logo must be displayed in a way that it is clearly not part of any content that does not belong to timeanddate.com.
  • The logo must not be used to send unsolicited mail to people.
  • The logo must only be used for links between timeanddate.com and another website.

timeanddate.com’s logo should not be used for content that:

  • Incites people to commit illegal acts or violate laws.
  • Promotes the sex industry or uses sexual overtones to advertise products or services.
  • Portrays violence, unnecessary aggression and menacing or horrific elements likely to disturb the public.
  • Promotes businesses or interests in borrowing money from people (e.g. pyramid schemes).
  • Promotes drug related activities or drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.
  • Promotes the use of fireworks, firearms or weapons.
  • Promotes any form of gambling, religious or political causes.

Please note that most of the restrictions in these guidelines apply to the use of timeanddate.com’s favicon.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about how to use the timeanddate.com logo, contact us via email at: webmaster@timeanddate.com. We will review your query as soon as we receive it and we will respond as promptly as possible.