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Ningaloo Eclipse Wows Millions

Eclipse enthusiasts around the world just witnessed a rare hybrid solar eclipse that graced the skies above parts of Australia and Asia. Watch the highlights from our live stream.

Screenshot of a live broadcast showing a partial solar eclipse in progress.

Still image from our April 20, 2023 eclipse live stream. See the embedded video below for highlights.


Live from the Ningaloo Coast

Timeanddate’s mobile observatory traveled all the way from Norway to the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia to capture live footage of the April 20, 2023 solar eclipse for viewers around the world, in collaboration with Perth Observatory.

Here’s how the eclipse totality looked:

We streamed these stunning images of totality during the April 20, 2023 hybrid solar eclipse.


An Annular-Total Solar Eclipse

A hybrid solar eclipse looks like a total eclipse in some areas along the eclipse path, and like an annular eclipse in others—and it’s all due to Earth’s curvature.

The total phases of today’s eclipse were only visible in parts of Australia, East Timor, and Indonesia.

Man posing in front of several telescopes aimed at a blue sky.

Timeanddate's CEO Steffen Thorsen getting ready for the eclipse on the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia.


Images from timeanddate.com (Steffen Thorsen), Perth Observatory (Matt Woods), and MIT-NASA Eclipse Expedition (Michael Person, Theo Boris, Milo Dantowitz).