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Turkey Reintroduces Daylight Saving Time (Canceled)


Published 31-Oct-2017. Changed 23-Nov-2017

Update: Turkey Will Not Reintroduce DST Changes After All

Turkey has reversed its decision to introduce DST in 2018 and will stay on Turkey Time (TRT) permanently. The text below is outdated.

After a year without time changes, Turkey has decided to reintroduce Daylight Saving Time (DST), starting in 2018.

Shopping arcade in the Grand Bazaar market in Istanbul, Turkey.

Grand Bazaar market in Istanbul, Turkey.

Grand Bazaar market in Istanbul, Turkey.


On October 28, 2018, clocks in Turkey will be set back 1 hour from 04:00 (4:00 am) to 03:00 (3 am), local time.

Starts October 2018

The Turkish Council of Ministers announced their decision on October 28, 2017, the day before Europe set their clocks back 1 hour to standard time.

It is only 1 year since the Turkish government announced that the country permanently stay on DST, or summer time as it is known there.

Caused Trouble in Cyprus

When Turkey introduced permanent DST in 2016, Northern Cyprus followed suit, effectively splitting Cyprus into 2 time zones. This year, Northern Cyprus decided to reintroduce yearly time changes, so it is currently 1 hour behind Turkey.

Northern Cyprus, including the cities Famagusta and Kyrenia, is a self-declared state. The Turkish occupation is not internationally recognized.

Current time in


Thursday, March 21, 2019


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