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Time Change 1916 in Russia

Last change: 2010
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Oct 31, 2010, 3:00 am

In small parts of Russia

Country: Russia

Long Name: Russian Federation

Abbreviations: RU, RUS

Capital: Moscow

Time Zones: 11

Dial Code: +7

Note: Only some parts of Russia used DST in 1916.

Apr 30

Forward 1 hour

Apr 30, 1916 - Daylight Saving Time Started

When local standard time was about to reach
Sunday, April 30, 1916, 11:00:00 pm clocks were turned forward 1 hour to
Monday, May 1, 1916, 12:00:00 midnight local daylight time instead.

Sunrise and sunset were about 1 hour later on May 1, 1916 than the day before. There was more light in the evening.

Also called Spring Forward, Summer Time, and Daylight Savings Time.

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Oct 1

Back 1 hour

Oct 1, 1916 - Daylight Saving Time Ended

When local daylight time was about to reach
Sunday, October 1, 1916, 1:00:00 am clocks were turned backward 1 hour to
Sunday, October 1, 1916, 12:00:00 midnight local standard time instead.

Sunrise and sunset were about 1 hour earlier on Oct 1, 1916 than the day before. There was more light in the morning.

Also called Fall Back and Winter Time.

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When Does DST Start and End in Russia?

Despite having used Daylight Saving Time (DST) for many years and as recently as 2010, Russia currently does not have DST.

DST First Introduced in 1917

The Soviet Union first experimented with DST in 1917, when clocks were turned forward by 1 hour. The measure was repealed only months later and, although the country's time zones underwent a number of changes in the years that followed, there was no official DST clock change from 1918 to 1980.

The USSR reintroduced DST in 1981. From 1984, the country changed its clocks simultaneously with most European countries. 2011 saw the nationwide introduction of year-round DST, ending a period of annual clock changes that had lasted for 3 decades. Following another law change in 2014, Russian clocks were turned back by 1 hour to today's all-year standard time.


Daylight Saving Time Info

DST in Locations in Russia in 1916 (131 Locations)

AbakanNo DSTKrasnoyarskNo DSTSamaraNo DST
AmdermaNo DSTKyzylNo DSTSaranskNo DST
AnadyrNo DSTLipetskNo DSTSaratovNo DST
AnapaNo DSTMagadanNo DSTSaskylakhNo DST
ArkhangelskNo DSTMagnitogorskNo DSTSevero-KurilskNo DST
AstrakhanNo DSTMakhachkalaNo DSTSmolenskNo DST
BarnaulNo DSTMezenNo DSTSochiNo DST
Belaya GoraNo DSTMineralnye VodyNo DSTSrednekolymskNo DST
BelgorodNo DSTMoscowNo DSTStavropolNo DST
Belushya GubaNo DSTMurmanskNo DSTSurgutNo DST
BilibinoNo DSTMys ShmidtaNo DSTSyktyvkarNo DST
BirobidzhanNo DSTNaberezhnye ChelnyNo DSTTeriberkaNo DST
BlagoveshchenskNo DSTNadymNo DSTTiksiNo DST
BratskNo DSTNakhodkaNo DSTTolyattiNo DST
BryanskNo DSTNaryan-MarNo DSTTomskNo DST
CheboksaryNo DSTNeryungriNo DSTTulaNo DST
ChelyabinskNo DSTNizhnevartovskNo DSTTuraNo DST
CherepovetsNo DSTNizhny NovgorodNo DSTTyumenNo DST
CherskyNo DSTNorilskNo DSTUdachnyNo DST
ChitaNo DSTNovgorodNo DSTUfaNo DST
ChokurdakhNo DSTNovokuznetskNo DSTUkhtaNo DST
DeputatskyNo DSTNovorossiyskNo DSTUlan-UdeNo DST
DiksonNo DSTNovosibirskNo DSTUlyanovskNo DST
DudinkaNo DSTNovy UrengoyNo DSTUssuriyskNo DST
ElistaNo DSTNoyabrskNo DSTUst-KamchatskNo DST
EvenskNo DSTOkhaNo DSTUst-NeraNo DST
GelendzhikNo DSTOlenyokNo DSTVelskNo DST
Gorno-AltayskNo DSTOmskNo DSTVerkhoyanskNo DST
GroznyNo DSTOrenburgNo DSTVilyuyskNo DST
IgarkaNo DSTOymyakonNo DSTVladimirNo DST
IrkutskNo DSTPechoraNo DSTVladivostokNo DST
IzhevskNo DSTPenzaNo DSTVolgogradNo DST
KaliningradApr 30 - Oct 1PermNo DSTVolochankaNo DST
KazanNo DSTPetropavlovsk-KamchatskyNo DSTVorkutaNo DST
KemerovoNo DSTPetrozavodskNo DSTVoronezhNo DST
KhabarovskNo DSTPevekNo DSTYakutskNo DST
KhandygaNo DSTPolyarnye ZoriNo DSTYaroslavlNo DST
Khanty-MansiyskNo DSTPskovNo DSTYekaterinburgNo DST
KhatangaNo DSTPyatigorskNo DSTYoshkar-OlaNo DST
KirovNo DSTRostovNo DSTYuzhno-SakhalinskNo DST
Komsomolsk-on-AmurNo DSTRostov-on-DonNo DSTZabaykalskNo DST
KostromaNo DSTRyazanNo DSTZhiganskNo DST
KovrovNo DSTSaint-PetersburgNo DSTZyryankaNo DST
KrasnodarNo DSTSalekhardNo DST

Daylight Saving Time History in Russia