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Updates to timeanddate.com in the 1990s


Published 31-Dec-1999

Most of the main pages of timeanddate.com was created more than 10 years ago. Here is a brief history of when pages where added to timeanddate.com in the 1990s.

Important updates in 1999

  • Millennium informationNew section Countdown to the real Millennium (year 2001) and more. (28 Dec 1999)
  • The Calendar customizer has been improved with two new options. (27 Dec 1999)
  • The site was down for six hours on Monday, December 6th due to a move by the hosting provider for this site.
  • Results from the latest survey are available (3 Dec 1999)
  • The site has been moved to a faster server (17 Nov 1999)
  • The Calendar now includes calendar with holidays for Australia and New Zealand. (1 Nov 1999)
  • DST transitions in year 2000 – a list of when DST starts and ends around the world New pages (10 Oct 1999)
  • The Calendar now includes calendar with holidays for Croatia. (9 Oct 1999)
  • Five million pages served – Another milestone: Page number 5,000,000 was served on 4 Oct 1999.
  • Static Year 2000 Countdown – Shows current time to year 2000 around the world. New Page (26 Sep 1999)
  • The World Clock – more than 140 US cities added, every city with more than 100,000 inhabitants is now searchable. (25 Sep 1999)
  • Applet Year 2000 Countdown – Simultaneous countdown for every time zone on earth. New Pages (22 Sep 1999)
  • Calendar customizer – major improvements in calendar customizing and printing. New Pages (7 Sep 1999)
  • The Calendar now includes calendar with holidays for Canada. (4 Jul 1999)
  • The World Clock cities provide literature tips for most cities (click on any city). New Pages (28 Jun 1999)
  • www.timeanddate.com has been in service for one year – one year anniversary on 24 May 1999.
  • Survey results – the results of the survey are published (10 Apr 1999)
  • About The Personal World ClockNew Page – describing the Personal World Clock (12 Mar 1999)
  • Personal World Clock – java applet based New page (10 Mar 1999) – Discontiued september 2015
  • Pages describing how to make The World Clock links or Calendar links [these pages were later removed again] New pages (7 Mar 1999)
  • Year 2000 InformationNew section Information about year 2000. (12 Feb 1999)
  • TimeAndDate Shop New section Shop products related to services on this site. (12 Feb 1999) [this section was later removed again]
  • Daylight Saving TimeNew pages A page describing Daylight Saving Time (DST) and two pages with DST-changes in 1999 added. (6 Feb 1999)
  • The World Clock – Another 65 cities added, bringing the total to over 740 cities in more than 200 countries and territories. (6 Feb 1999)
  • SurveyNew Page Simple survey to help improve the site (30 Jan 1999)
  • One million pages served – Page number 1,000,000 from the site was served on 17 Jan 1999.
  • Add a number of days to a dateNew Page – E.g. find what date it is in 1000 days from now (17 Jan 1999)
  • Birthday-CalculatorNew Page – find when you are a round number of seconds old (17 Jan 1999)
  • Advertising – Banner advertising is now available on the site. (16 Jan 1999)

Important updates in 1998

Early history

Before timeanddate.com was officially opened, these services were living on an university account, and were first released on these dates:
  • Calendar released on 20 Nov 1995.
  • Year 2000 countdown released on 19 Nov 1995.
  • World Clock released on 07 Nov 1995

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