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Brand New Business Days Calculator

Want to calculate the number of days you have to work before your vacation? Or need to find out how many days you worked last month? Then our brand new Business Days Calculator is the calculator for you! Just punch in your start and end dates, include or exclude weekends and/ or public holidays and find out how many days you have worked. Find out more

Summer solstice is Friday, June 21

This year's June solstice will occur on June 21, 2013 at 5:04 UTC. At this time, the Sun will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere. In many Northern Hemisphere countries, this solstice marks the beginning of summer, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it is considered as the start of winter. Find out when the solstice will occur where you live

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How do you plan to spend your summer?

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  1. Vacation at the beach to take in some sun.
  2. I shall be working while the Sun shines outside.
  3. Go to the hills to get away from the heat.
  4. Enjoy the bounties of summer right at home.
  5. Summer? We are in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Time Zone News

 ▶Israel to extend Daylight Saving Time again

Did you know...

that we are continously expanding our holiday database? We have recently added public holidays and observances for Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Vietnam. Find out more

Tip of the month

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is right around the corner - the days are getting longer and the to-do list of summer activities is growing rapidly. Use our Sun Calculator to find out the sunrise and sunset timings, and the length of the day at your location. Now you can plan out all your fun summer activities without having to worry about when it will get dark. Read more

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timeanddate.com came online in 1998. We have accurate and reliable information on times, time zones, calendars, and calculators.
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