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Newsletter Issue 126

Venus shines as a bright dot in a twilit sky above a line of trees.

Venus Dazzles and Reveals Hidden Patterns

If you want to spot Venus, now is a good time! Currently, the planet shines with added brightness in the morning sky and will reach its greatest elongation west—its farthest distance from the Sun in the sky—on October 23.

We found this was a great excuse to comb through thousands of years of data about Venus and unlock any hidden patterns in its movements across the sky. And yes, we found some!

Read Graham Jones’s intriguing Venus story

DST Kicks Off Down Under

People in New Zealand and many parts of Australia are about to spring forward by turning their clocks one hour ahead. Find out when!

Moonrise over a farm with a barn in the backdrop.

Equinox Warps Harvest Moon Rise Times

The September equinox is here, and it does strange things to the Moon: the day-to-day intervals between moonrises in the Northern Hemisphere get really short around the Full Moon at this time of the year.

Why this happens is fascinating in itself, but did you know that it's one of the reasons why the upcoming Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon?

Konstantin Bikos explains the connection

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