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Newsletter Issue 120

Which Day Were Most US Presidents Born On?

And what is the birthday connection between Presidents Obama, Trump, and Biden?

Washington’s Birthday, or Presidents’ Day as it is also called, is on February 20 this year. We’ve been digging into the data: so far, most US presidents have been born on a Monday or Thursday.

Which president was born on your birthday?

Look Up in the Night Sky in 2023!

Our friend Andrew Fazekas from Astronomers Without Borders has picked out five cosmic events to look forward to this year.

The first one up is a Venus and Jupiter conjunction on March 2.

Watch Jupiter and Venus Cozy Up to the Moon

A few days before the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, the bright pair of planets will cuddle up to a young Crescent Moon.

The above illustration is from our Night Sky Map for New York just before 19:00 (7 pm) local time on February 22. (Note that we have exaggerated the Moon’s size in our maps to make them easier to use.)

Find the Moon and planets in our Night Sky Map

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