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Newsletter Issue 122

A total solar eclipse, as seen from San José de Jáchal, Argentina, July 2019.

Total Solar Eclipse, Live from Australia

On April 20, in the skies over a remote peninsula of Western Australia, the Moon will block out the Sun for around 60 seconds.

timeanddate is teaming up with Perth Observatory to bring you live coverage of this event. Our telescopes and cameras will be streaming from a location near the small town of Exmouth—our coverage starts at 01:30 UTC.

Watch it LIVE!

Bringing the Sky to the Screen

On April 1, timeanddate’s Anne Buckle and Graham Jones will join Matt Woods (Perth Observatory) and Andrew Fazekas (Astronomers Without Borders) in a Facebook Live session to launch a new Astronomy Live-Streaming community for astronomers, science communicators, and researchers across the globe.

A crowd in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, watch the 2017 Great American Eclipse.

How Many Millions Live in Eclipse Paths?

31.5 and 42.6 million people live along the paths of annularity and totality for the 2023 & 2024 solar eclipses across the Americas. But which upcoming eclipse passes over the biggest resident population?

Which eclipse will be the most seen?

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