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Newsletter Issue 123

Illustration of two people celebrating with a big cake between them with big candles on top shaped like number 25 and colorful balloons floating around them.

Happy Birthday, timeanddate.com!

On May 24, 1998, timeanddate.com first went live. That was 25 years ago, and when you think about it, it is a really long time in our line of business.

Find out what our founder Steffen Thorsen and some of our colleagues were up to in 1998 when we used dial-up modems, and Pluto was still a planet.

What do you remember from 1998?

Black Moon on May 19/20

This week’s New Moon is a Black Moon, although you won’t be able to see it. There are several definitions for a Black Moon, and this one is the third New Moon in a season of four New Moons. This occurs about once every 33 months.

Map showing all countries celebrating a form of Mother’s Day around the world with the respective dates.

104 Mother’s Days Around the World

Sunday, May 14, was the big day for many people worldwide to celebrate their mothers.

But did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the UK in March, and in Norway, Mother’s Day is in February?

When is Mother’s Day, really?

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