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A New Way of Telling the Time:
The Word Clock

Screenshot of Word ClockThe Word Clock is the latest addition to our range of free online clocks. It combines timeanddate.com's impeccable precision with a brand-new funky design.

Forget numbers — the Word Clock tells the time in plain English: “It is twenty to twelve”. It features a matrix of letters which are selectively highlighted to deliver the correct local time in an ever-shifting string of words.

Sounds confusing? It's surprisingly easy and practical. And we think it looks pretty cool too! That's why we have also thrown in German, French and Norwegian versions for good measure.

Check out the new Word Clock now!

Many App Updates

During the past month or so, we have made enhancements to most of our iPhone and iPad apps.

Our Intl Meeting Planner App has been upgraded with a better timetable and a new favorite cities section as well as many other improvements.

Welcome, South Sudan!

A new country has come into existence on July 9, 2011: The Republic of South Sudan. Want to know where it is, the name of its capital city, which time zone it is in, the local time and weather, and how to call someone there?

Find out this and much more on South Sudan's new city information page.

August Poll

Question: Which of these new services would you like
us to create next?

More Apps for iPhone and iPad
More Apps for Facebook
Apps for Android devices
Business Day Calculator
Time Zone Maps
Other – let us know your idea!
Vote online if you are having trouble with the vote function.

June Poll Results

Last month's poll question: "Question: Which online service(s) are you likely to use when planning your next trip?"

Tweets about us

susan_m  the world clock meeting planner on timeanddate.com is my friend

JUSTINJAMESFOTO Great website for finding when and where the sun will be.

chemingineer Have a look at the years which have the same calendar as 2011: http://bit.ly/eTIRK7

ColorJoy RT @howlinhobbit:@ColorJoy@knithacker cool, but not true. next time July has 5 weekends is 2016, only 5 years away. http://trunc.it/gk7df

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FAQ/Tip of the Month

Our online Current Weather is based on real weather data from airports all over the world — not predictions.

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Did You Know...

...that we provide accurate information about lunar and solar eclipses?
Maybe the next one will be visible where you are?

Got our July Newsletter?

This year we did not send out a July Newsletter, but will instead start sending out the Newsletter early in the month, starting now in August.

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