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Newsletter Issue 107

Nov 7: DST ends in US and Canada

In the early hours of November 7, clocks in most parts of the US and Canada will fall back one hour. In most of Europe, DST will end a week earlier, on October 31.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

When do the clocks change?

Nov 18-19: “Almost” Total Lunar Eclipse

At 06:02 UTC on November 19, the Earth will start inching between the Sun and the Moon, cutting off the Sun’s light on the Moon and leaving 99% of it eclipsed. For observers on Earth, this deep eclipse of the Beaver Full Moon will look almost like a total lunar eclipse. The Moon will even turn red!

Can't see it where you are? We will be streaming this eclipse LIVE!

Spot Something New?

Our ace designers have given the timeanddate logo a well-deserved refresh. Subtle design and balance changes have been made to give it a sleeker and modern feel. Did you know that we last updated our logo in 2014?

The evolution of timeanddate

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