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Newsletter Issue #70

The solar disk about to become totally eclipsed by the Moon.

August 21: Total Solar Eclipse in the US

Don't miss the first total solar eclipse on mainland USA in almost 40 years on Monday, August 21, 2017. We have all the local times, maps of where the eclipse will pass, animations of what to expect, and much more about this spectacular astronomical event.

All You Need to Know about the Great American Eclipse

Never Look Directly at the Sun

Protect your eyes during the eclipse. There is still time to make your own eclipse projector from things you have at home.

map of the eclipse path

The Eclipse on a Globe

Try our brand-new interactive 3D Map: Select any location in the eclipse path for local start and end times and how much of the Sun will be eclipsed in each location. Swing the globe around to see the entire eclipse path.

Try the 3D map now!
LIVE stream page screenshot

Streaming LIVE from the Great American Eclipse

We will bring you live footage from multiple locations and real-time updates about the total solar eclipse as it sweeps across the United States from coast to coast.

Check out timeanddate.com's LIVE page

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