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Newsletter Issue #74

Super Blue Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31

Follow our eclipse LIVE stream on January 31!

On Wednesday, January 31 (UTC), the Full Moon will be totally eclipsed for over an hour. Total lunar eclipses are often called Blood Moons as the Moon usually turns red.

It also happens to be a Blue Moon and (almost) a Supermoon, earning this eclipse the nickname Super Blue Blood Moon.

The total phase will be visible in large parts of the US and Canada, northeastern Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. If it's cloudy or not visible where you are, follow our LIVE stream!

Check out our eclipse maps and animations, find your local eclipse times, and read about why the Moon changes color.

Can you see the Blood Moon in your city?

A Red Blue Moon—How Is That Possible?

The total lunar eclipse is on the night of the second Full Moon in January (in most time zones). This is called a Blue Moon, although the Moon doesn't actually look blue. In fact, Earth's shadow will color it red, so this is your chance to catch a rare combination: a red Blue Moon.

Double Blue Moon in 2018!

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