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Multiple Time Zones

Country: Antarctica

Abbreviations: AQ, ATA

Time Zones: 24+

Time Zones Currently Being Used in Antarctica

OffsetTime Zone Abbreviation & NameExample CityCurrent Time
UTC -3ARTArgentina TimeCarlini BaseThu, 5:55:04 am
CLSTChile Summer TimePalmer StationThu, 5:55:04 am
UTC +0GMTGreenwich Mean TimeTroll StationThu, 8:55:04 am
UTC +5MAWTMawson TimeMawsonThu, 1:55:04 pm
UTC +6VOSTVostok TimeVostok StationThu, 2:55:04 pm
UTC +7DAVTDavis TimeDavisThu, 3:55:04 pm
UTC +10DDUTDumont-d'Urville TimeDumont d'Urville StationThu, 6:55:04 pm
UTC +11CASTCasey TimeCaseyThu, 7:55:04 pm
UTC +13NZDTNew Zealand Daylight TimeMario Zucchelli StationThu, 9:55:04 pm

What is the Time Zone at the South Pole?

The Earth's longitudes meet on the geographical South Pole in Antarctica. This means that, in theory, any of the world's time zones could be used there. However, since it is usually accessed via New Zealand, the Amundsen-Scott station located on the South Pole observes New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) during standard time and New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT) during the DST.

Arctic Stations on Their Own Time

Since Antarctica is largely uninhabited, the continent is not officially divided up into time zones. However, there are a number of research stations, each of which observes its own local time. Some stations use the time zone of the country that operates or supplies them, others observe the local time of countries nearby.

For example, Palmer Station is a United States research station, but it keeps Chile Summer Time (CLST) as Chile is the closest country.

McMurdo Station, however, follows New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) during standard time and New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT) during the Daylight Saving Time (DST) period in New Zealand.

Troll Station changes between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Central European Summer Time (CEST), which are 2 hours apart.

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