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timeanddate.com’s New Logo

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timeanddate.com’s new logo was created in line with the website’s new brand image. The logo is part of timeanddate.com’s focus on being up-to-date with the world today and in the future.

In reflecting our service, role and inspirations, timeanddate.com's logo is inspired by the idea of the clock and its relation with time. This logo identifies timeanddate.com in a range of applications.

Logo Description and Colors

timeanddate.com’s logo consists of an abstract image of a clock. The clock is shaped in a half moon contour by five small rectangles, which follow the path of a half circle. Each rectangle has a different color:

  • Cyan – signifies harmony, patience and understanding. It is also associated with knowledge, truth, stability, and trust.
  • Green – has many symbiotic meanings, with the most common associated with nature. It also signifies freshness and vigor, as well as equilibrium, logic and peace.
  • Yellow – is warm and welcoming. It is the color of the light, the sun, power, and strength.
  • Orange –is associated with warmth, cheerfulness, and friendliness. It symbolizes enthusiasm.
  • Magenta – The magenta is a contrast between masculine and feminine energy. It is associated with liberation, kindness, maturity, excitement, and curiosity.

The colors evoke the changes of light during the day, starting from sunrise to dawn. The soft curve of rectangles expresses movement, generosity and rhythm. The curve gives the logo an outline that recalls the sun's path in the sky and, at the same time, expresses care, support and security. The logo’s horizontal composition expresses calmness and solidity.

Clock Hands

The logo also consists of two clock hands under the arc of the colored rectangles. The two clock hands reaffirm the concept of time. They are cyan and take on an angular needle-like form, pointing in opposite directions to mark the hours and minutes in a simulated way.

The clock hand on the left is larger than the clock hand on the right, to distinguish the left hand as the minute indicator and the one on the right as the hour indicator. The clock hands depict a connection between words “time” and “date” under the arc.


The phrase “timeanddate.com” is featured under the clock hands. The use of gray, which is not a color but the transition between black and white, in the typography symbolizes neutrality. The white space and background in the logo reflects light and is an excellent base color. It symbolizes unity, peace and purity.

Comments and Feedback

timeanddate.com welcomes all comments and feedback on our new brand image. For comments, complete the feedback form by clicking on the Feedback link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to webmaster@timeanddate.com.

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