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timeanddate.com Gets a Makeover


Published 11-Mar-2010

timeanddate.com has ditched its old image and now has a fresher, bolder, newer look, including a brand new logo. This change reflects timeanddate.com’s ongoing aim to be the most up-to-date website on all time and date related information.

timeanddate.com’s new brand identity was created in response to comments and feedback from people who use the website over the years.

Why the Change?

For years, timeanddate.com has received positive feedback from the public and media worldwide. However, people also commented on timeanddate.com’s outdated look in recent times. The old look tended to reflect the 1990s, a bygone decade, in which many changes have occurred in the world and in our company.

timeanddate.com has now updated its website with a new look, including a new logo, that is a closer reflection to what timeanddate.com is all about. timeanddate.com focuses on equipping people – no matter where in the world they are – with new information, applications, and tools about time and date.

The new design’s fluidity and fresh colors reflect timeanddate.com’s adaptability to changes, as well as its energetic approach to commit to new ideas, as well as its desire to be creative and innovative in enhancing or creating products and services that are time and date related. It is important to note that information and tools on the website did not change when the new design was applied.

New Colors

timeanddate.com has incorporated the use of green, while still retaining elements of blue, as part of its new brand image. The use of green is common in nature and time has been associated with many parts of nature – the earth, the ocean, the moon, the sun – for many, many years. The use of more lively colors, particularly with the logo, reflects the colorful history of time – that for centuries, there have been many changes to time (eg. calendars, daylight saving time, and more).

The blended green-blue waves at the top of the web page reflect the perception of the fluidity of time. Time has not always been straightforward, particularly as it has been an important topic of discussion in religion, philosophy and in science. The waves also represent timeanddate.com’s own gradual transformation in keeping up with the times by giving users what they want or need, in terms of mastering times and dates, through new or improved technological advances.

In reflecting our service, role and inspirations, timeanddate.com's new logo is inspired by the idea of the clock and its relation with time. This logo identifies timeanddate.com in a range of commercial and communications applications. Please read timeanddate.com’s rationale for the new logo.

Comments and Feedback

timeanddate.com welcomes all comments and feedback on our new brand image. For comments, complete the feedback form by clicking on the Feedback link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to webmaster@timeanddate.com.

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