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Newsletter Issue 102

Mars and Moon: Celestial Buddies

On April 17, the Moon and Mars will meet in the sky. The two astronomical bodies will be so close to each other that some observers in South and Southeast Asia will see the Moon entirely cover or occult Mars!

This is one of the many highlights of this year's Global Astronomy Month, a worldwide initiative by Astronomers Without Borders. And this year, we are very proud to collaborate with them to celebrate astronomy throughout April.

What are conjunctions?

New Feature: High Tide, Low Tide

We now show when the tide rolls in and out for coastal locations around the world.

Lyrids: Nature's Own Fireworks

Look up on the night between April 22 and 23 to catch fireballs from the Lyrids meteor shower peak. One of the oldest recorded meteor showers in history, the Lyrids are active between April 14 and April 30.

Find out the best date and time to see the Lyrids from your location

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