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Weather in the United States

Country Capital

Washington DC

55 °F

Light rain. Overcast.

Feels Like: 51 °F
Forecast: 59 / 33 °F
Wind: 15 mph from South

Country: United States

Country High: 76 °F Key West

Country Low: -9 °F Sidney

Max Wind: 37 mph Charleston

Weather in United States (999 Locations)

AberdeenThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.4 °FGrand RapidsThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FPascagoulaThu 4:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °F
AbileneThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FGreat FallsThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.-1 °FPascoThu 2:43 amOvercast. Chilly.38 °F
AcworthThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.45 °FGreeleyThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FPassaicThu 5:43 amRain. Overcast. Cool.53 °F
AdakThu 12:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FGreen BayThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.5 °FPatersonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.54 °F
AkronThu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.31 °FGreen RiverThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.22 °FPaysonThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
AlamogordoThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.36 °FGreenbeltThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Cool.50 °FPeabodyThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.51 °F
AlbanyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.43 °FGreencastleThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.21 °FPembroke PinesThu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.75 °F
AlbuquerqueThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.33 °FGreensboroThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.60 °FPennsauken TownshipThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.59 °F
Alexandria (USA-VA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.55 °FGreenvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.56 °FPensacolaThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Cool.46 °F
Alexandria (USA-LA)Thu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.30 °FGreenvilleThu 5:43 amClear. Mild.64 °FPeoriaThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.12 °F
Aliso ViejoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FGrinnellThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.16 °FPerryThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.57 °F
AllenThu 4:43 amChilly.31 °FGrotonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.49 °FPerth AmboyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °F
AllentownThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.54 °FGrover BeachThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.53 °FPetalumaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
AlpenaThu 5:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.23 °FGulfportThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.37 °FPetersburg (US-VA)Thu 5:43 amDrizzle. Mostly cloudy. Cool.58 °F
AltoonaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.42 °FGuthrieThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °FPetersburg (US-IN)Thu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.24 °F
AltusThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.23 °FHagerstownThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.52 °FPhenix CityThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.54 °F
AmarilloThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FHainesThu 1:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FPhiladelphiaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.56 °F
AnaheimThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FHamiltonThu 3:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.31 °FPhoenixThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
AnchorageThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.30 °FHammondThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FPhoenixvilleThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.53 °F
AndersonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.54 °FHamptonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.62 °FPierreThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.9 °F
Angels CampThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.40 °FHannibalThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.21 °FPinetop-LakesideThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °F
Ann ArborThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FHarrisburgThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.39 °FPittsburg (US-KS)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °F
AnnapolisThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.51 °FHarrisonThu 3:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.20 °FPittsburgh (US-PA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.44 °F
AntiochThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FHarrisonburgThu 5:43 amRain. Overcast. Cool.54 °FPittsfieldThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.47 °F
AppletonThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.7 °FHarrisonvilleThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °FPlacervilleThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °F
ArcataThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.47 °FHartThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.25 °FPlainfieldThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.11 °F
Arctic VillageThu 1:43 amOvercast. Frigid.-2 °FHartfordThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.50 °FPlanoThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °F
Arden-ArcadeThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °FHartfordThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.9 °FPlantationThu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.75 °F
ArlingtonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FHattiesburgThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.35 °FPlattsburghThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.37 °F
AsheboroThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.59 °FHawkinsThu 4:43 amMixture of precip. Clear. Chilly.27 °FPleasantonThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °F
AshevilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °FHayforkThu 2:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.39 °FPlymouthThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.18 °F
AshlandThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.31 °FHaymarketThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.57 °FPocatelloThu 3:43 amOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
AspenThu 3:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.16 °FHaysThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.33 °FPoint HopeThu 1:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Frigid.6 °F
AtascaderoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.39 °FHaywardThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FPoint LayThu 1:43 amOvercast. Frigid.-8 °F
AthensThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.58 °FHelenaThu 3:43 amClear. Frigid.10 °FPolsonThu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °F
AtlantaThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.46 °FHerefordThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FPomonaThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °F
Atlantic CityThu 5:43 amFog. Cool.52 °FHermistonThu 2:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.39 °FPontiacThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.26 °F
AtokaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FHesperiaThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FPoplar BluffThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.23 °F
AtqasukThu 1:43 amOvercast. Frigid.-4 °FHialeahThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.74 °FPort AngelesThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.43 °F
AtwaterThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °FHickoryThu 5:43 amHeavy rain. Overcast. Cool.47 °FPort HuronThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.28 °F
Auburn (US-AL)Thu 4:43 amLow clouds. Quite cool.45 °FHillsboroThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.43 °FPort MatildaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.40 °F
Auburn (US-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FHiloThu 12:43 amPartly cloudy. Mild.70 °FPort St. LucieThu 5:43 amClear. Mild.72 °F
Augusta (US-GA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.65 °FHobbsThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FPortland (Oregon)Thu 2:43 amOvercast. Cool.47 °F
Augusta (US-ME)Thu 5:43 amFog. Chilly.38 °FHollandThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FPortland (Maine)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.38 °F
Aurora (USA-IL)Thu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.8 °FHollisterThu 2:43 amQuite cool.42 °FPortsmouth (US-VA)Thu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.65 °F
Aurora (USA-CO)Thu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.23 °FHollywood (US-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FPortsmouth (US-NH)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.49 °F
AustinThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FHollywood (US-FL)Thu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.75 °FPost FallsThu 2:43 amIce fog. Cold.23 °F
Avalon (Santa Catalina Island)Thu 2:43 amClear. Refreshingly cool.58 °FHolyokeThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.47 °FPoughkeepsieThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °F
BabylonThu 5:43 amFog. Cool.48 °FHonoluluThu 12:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FPowayThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
BakersfieldThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °FHopkinsvilleThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FPrescottThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °F
BaltimoreThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.51 °FHoustonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FPresque IsleThu 5:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.27 °F
BangorThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.39 °FHowellThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FPrincetonThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °F
BanningThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FHudsonThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.20 °FProspectThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °F
BarnstableThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.44 °FHugoThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.19 °FProvidenceThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.53 °F
BarrowThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.-3 °FHuntington (US-WV)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.35 °FProvincetownThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.45 °F
Batesville (US-AR)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FHuntington (US-IN)Thu 5:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.28 °FProvoThu 3:43 amIce fog. Chilly.28 °F
Batesville (US-MS)Thu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FHuntington BeachThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FPrudhoe BayThu 1:43 amLow clouds. Frigid.-1 °F
Baton RougeThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FHuntsvilleThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.33 °FPuebloThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.21 °F
Battle GroundThu 2:43 amOvercast. Cool.47 °FHurricaneThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FPullmanThu 2:43 amOvercast. Chilly.32 °F
Bay St. LouisThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.37 °FHutchinsonThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.33 °FPunxsutawneyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.44 °F
BeaumontThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FHyde ParkThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °FPuyallupThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.45 °F
BedfordThu 5:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.35 °FIdaho FallsThu 3:43 amLow clouds. Cold.20 °FQueensThu 5:43 amCool.50 °F
BellevueThu 2:43 amFog. Cool.46 °FImperial BeachThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FQuincyThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.14 °F
BellinghamThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.38 °FIndependenceThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °FQuincyThu 5:43 amCool.48 °F
BemidjiThu 4:43 amOvercast. Frigid.-2 °FIndianapolisThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °FRacineThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.10 °F
BendThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FInglewoodThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °FRaleighThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.62 °F
Bensalem TownshipThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.59 °FInternational FallsThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Frigid.5 °FRancho CucamongaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °F
BentonvilleThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FInvernessThu 5:43 amHeavy rain. Fog. Mild.68 °FRancho Santa MargaritaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °F
BerkeleyThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °FIron MountainThu 4:43 amOvercast. Frigid.5 °FRapid CityThu 3:43 amIce fog. Cold.10 °F
BerlinThu 5:43 amLight freezing rain. Ice fog. Chilly.31 °FIrvineThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FReadingThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °F
BethelThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.31 °FIrvingThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FRed WingThu 4:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Cold.19 °F
BethesdaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °FJackson (WY)Thu 3:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.22 °FReddingThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °F
BeulahThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Frigid.-6 °FJackson (MS)Thu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.33 °FRedlandsThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
Big Bear LakeThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FJacksonville (FL)Thu 5:43 amCool.67 °FRedmond (us-wa)Thu 2:43 amFog. Cool.46 °F
Big RapidsThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.24 °FJacksonville (NC)Thu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Mild.65 °FRedmond (us-or)Thu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °F
BillingsThu 3:43 amLight snow. Passing clouds. Frigid.5 °FJacksonville BeachThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Mild.69 °FRehoboth BeachThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.61 °F
BiloxiThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.37 °FJanesvilleThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.3 °FRenoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
BinghamtonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.43 °FJedditoThu 3:43 amCold.24 °FRestonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °F
BirminghamThu 4:43 amFog. Chilly.36 °FJefferson CityThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FRialtoThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
BismarckThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Frigid.-3 °FJeffersonvilleThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FRichmondThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.59 °F
Black MountainThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °FJeromeThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FRidgecrestThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
Bloomington (IN)Thu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.21 °FJersey CityThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °FRinggoldThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.39 °F
Bloomington (IL)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.11 °FJohnstownThu 3:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FRiversideThu 5:43 amIce fog. Chilly.29 °F
Boca RatonThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.76 °FJoplinThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °FRiversideThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °F
BoiseThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.30 °FJoshua TreeThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FRivertonThu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.21 °F
BooneThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.47 °FJunction CityThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.20 °FRoanoke (va)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.55 °F
Borrego SpringsThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.39 °FJuneauThu 1:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.40 °FRoanoke (al)Thu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.48 °F
BostonThu 5:43 amFog. Cool.51 °FKailua-KonaThu 12:43 amClear. Mild.71 °FRoanoke RapidsThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.57 °F
BothellThu 2:43 amFog. Quite cool.41 °FKaktovikThu 1:43 amMostly cloudy. Frigid.0 °FRochester (US-NY)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.40 °F
BoulderThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.28 °FKalamazooThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.26 °FRochester (US-MN)Thu 4:43 amLow clouds. Cold.19 °F
Bowling GreenThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.26 °FKalispellThu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °FRock SpringsThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.22 °F
BozemanThu 3:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.18 °FKanabThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.23 °FRockfordThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.4 °F
BradentonThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.72 °FKansas City (US-KS)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.21 °FRogersThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.19 °F
BraintreeThu 5:43 amCool.48 °FKansas City (US-MO)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.21 °FRomeThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Quite cool.43 °F
BransonThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.23 °FKapoleiThu 12:43 amClear. Mild.68 °FRosenbergThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
BraseltonThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Cool.54 °FKearneyThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.28 °FRosevilleThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
BrattleboroThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °FKenaiThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.35 °FRoswellThu 3:43 amClear. Cool.48 °F
BreckenridgeThu 3:43 amMostly cloudy. Cold.10 °FKennebunkThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.39 °FRuidosoThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °F
BrevardThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °FKenoshaThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.7 °FRutlandThu 5:43 amRain. Overcast. Quite cool.44 °F
BrewtonThu 4:43 amChilly.42 °FKetchikanThu 1:43 amMostly cloudy. Quite cool.41 °FSacramentoThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °F
BridgeportThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.47 °FKey WestThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.76 °FSaginawThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °F
BridgewaterThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.54 °FKilgoreThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °FSahuaritaThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
BristolThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.48 °FKilleenThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FSalemThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.44 °F
BroadwayThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.54 °FKingThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.61 °FSalinaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.25 °F
BrocktonThu 5:43 amCool.48 °FKingstreeThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Mild.63 °FSalinasThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °F
BrookingsThu 4:43 amLight snow. Passing clouds. Frigid.10 °FKissimmeeThu 5:43 amThundershowers. Mostly cloudy. Mild.72 °FSalt Lake CityThu 3:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.31 °F
BrooklineThu 5:43 amFog. Cool.51 °FKitty HawkThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.59 °FSan AngeloThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °F
BrooklynThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.52 °FKnoxThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °FSan AntonioThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
Brooklyn ParkThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.18 °FKnoxvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.39 °FSan BernardinoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °F
BrookvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.44 °FKodiakThu 1:43 amRain. Fog. Quite cool.41 °FSan BuenaventuraThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °F
BroomfieldThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.28 °FKokomoThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °FSan DiegoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.50 °F
BrownsvilleThu 4:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °FKotzebueThu 1:43 amIce fog. Cold.22 °FSan FranciscoThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.48 °F
Bryan – College StationThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FKykotsmovi Village, HopiThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.25 °FSan JoseThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °F
BuckeyeThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FKyleThu 4:43 amCold.33 °FSan Luis ObispoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.53 °F
BuffaloThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.35 °FLa CrosseThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.16 °FSan MarcosThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °F
Bullhead CityThu 3:43 amClear. Cool.45 °FLa GrangeThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FSan RafaelThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
BurbankThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FLafayette (IN)Thu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.20 °FSan RamonThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °F
BurlesonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FLafayette (LA)Thu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FSandpointThu 2:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.32 °F
BurlingtonThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Quite cool.43 °FLaGrangeThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.48 °FSanta AnaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °F
BurneyThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FLaguna HillsThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FSanta BarbaraThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
ButlerThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.36 °FLaguna NiguelThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FSanta ClaraThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °F
ButteThu 3:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.20 °FLake CharlesThu 4:43 amCold.36 °FSanta ClaritaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °F
CalabasasThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °FLake PlacidThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Quite cool.41 °FSanta CruzThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °F
CalexicoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FLake WorthThu 5:43 amPartly cloudy. Mild.74 °FSanta FeThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °F
California CityThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FLakelandThu 5:43 amThundershowers. Overcast. Mild.72 °FSanta MariaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.55 °F
CamarilloThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °FLakeportThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FSanta MonicaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °F
CambridgeThu 5:43 amFog. Cool.51 °FLakewoodThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.57 °FSanta RosaThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °F
Cañon CityThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.27 °FLakewoodThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.24 °FSanta YnezThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
CantonThu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FLampasasThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FSarasotaThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.72 °F
Cape CanaveralThu 5:43 amClear. Mild.70 °FLancaster (US-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FSaratoga SpringsThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Chilly.36 °F
Cape CoralThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.72 °FLancaster (US-PA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °FSavannahThu 5:43 amRain. Low clouds. Mild.65 °F
CarbondaleThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °FLancaster (US-OH)Thu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FSchenectadyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.43 °F
CarlsbadThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FLansingThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FScottsbluffThu 3:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.23 °F
CarrolltonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.35 °FLapeerThu 5:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.28 °FScottsdaleThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.39 °F
Carson CityThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FLaredoThu 4:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FScrantonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.46 °F
CasperThu 3:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.18 °FLas CrucesThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FSeaside HeightsThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.56 °F
Castle RockThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.24 °FLas VegasThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.45 °FSeattleThu 2:43 amFog. Cool.46 °F
Cedar RapidsThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.4 °FLaughlinThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °FSebringThu 5:43 amDrizzle. Mostly cloudy. Mild.70 °F
CentennialThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.24 °FLawrence (MA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.50 °FSedonaThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
CenterThu 4:43 amOvercast. Frigid.6 °FLawrence (KS)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.17 °FSeligmanThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °F
Center PointThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.13 °FLawrenceburgThu 5:43 amLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.30 °FSeviervilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.39 °F
CentraliaThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.44 °FLawrencevilleThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Cool.51 °FSheboyganThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.8 °F
ChampaignThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.16 °FLeawoodThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FShelbyvilleThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °F
ChandlerThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.36 °FLeesburgThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.70 °FSheltonThu 2:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.46 °F
Charleston (SC)Thu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Mild.67 °FLeesburgThu 5:43 amDrizzle. Low clouds. Quite cool.45 °FShermanThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
Charleston (WV)Thu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Quite cool.44 °FLewistonThu 5:43 amFog. Chilly.37 °FShiprockThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °F
CharlotteThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.61 °FLewistonThu 2:43 amOvercast. Chilly.33 °FShreveportThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °F
CharlottesvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °FLewisvilleThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.35 °FSidneyThu 3:43 amClear. Frigid.-9 °F
ChattanoogaThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.39 °FLexington (VA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.51 °FSierra VistaThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
ChesapeakeThu 5:43 amRain. Overcast. Cool.62 °FLexington (NC)Thu 5:43 amDrizzle. Overcast. Cool.60 °FSikestonThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °F
Chesapeake BeachThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.57 °FLexington-FayetteThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FSimi ValleyThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °F
ChestertownThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.46 °FLihueThu 12:43 amClear. Mild.71 °FSioux CityThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °F
ChevakThu 1:43 amLight freezing rain. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FLincolnThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.31 °FSioux FallsThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Cold.20 °F
CheyenneThu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.24 °FLincoln CityThu 2:43 amCool.48 °FSitkaThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Quite cool.44 °F
ChicagoThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.14 °FLindenThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °FSolvangThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
ChicoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °FLittle RockThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FSonomaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
ChincoteagueThu 5:43 amClear. Cool.53 °FLivermoreThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FSouth BendThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °F
ChinleThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FLivingstonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.25 °FSouth BurlingtonThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Quite cool.43 °F
ChinoThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °FLivoniaThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FSouth Lake TahoeThu 2:43 amClear. Cold.22 °F
Chula VistaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FLoma LindaThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FSouthgateThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °F
CimarronThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °FLompocThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °FSpartanburgThu 5:43 amRain. Low clouds. Cool.59 °F
CincinnatiThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FLong BeachThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.48 °FSperryvilleThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.54 °F
Citrus HeightsThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FLongviewThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °FSpokaneThu 2:43 amIce fog. Cold.24 °F
ClaremontThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FLos AngelesThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.50 °FSpoonerThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.15 °F
ClarksburgThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.51 °FLouisvilleThu 5:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.27 °FSpring HillThu 5:43 amStrong thunderstorms. Fog. Mild.70 °F
ClarkstonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.26 °FLowellThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.51 °FSpring ValleyThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.18 °F
ClarksvilleThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FLubbockThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FSpringfield (MA)Thu 5:43 amQuite cool.42 °F
ClearwaterThu 5:43 amThunderstorms. Fog. Mild.68 °FLubecThu 5:43 amChilly.33 °FSpringfield (MO)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °F
CleburneThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FLuverneThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Quite cool.42 °FSpringfield (IL)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.16 °F
ClemsonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.51 °FLynchburgThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.58 °FSt ClairThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.21 °F
Cleveland (TN)Thu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.39 °FMacclennyThu 5:43 amHeavy rain. Low clouds. Mild.66 °FSt. AugustineThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.69 °F
Cleveland (OH)Thu 5:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.30 °FMaconThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.57 °FSt. Clair ShoresThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °F
CliftonThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.28 °FMadisonThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.1 °FSt. Croix FallsThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Cold.18 °F
ClovisThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FManassasThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.57 °FSt. GeorgeThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
CoachellaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.39 °FManchesterThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FSt. JosephThu 4:43 amCold.19 °F
Cocoa BeachThu 5:43 amClear. Mild.71 °FManhassetThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.50 °FSt. LouisThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °F
Coeur d'AleneThu 2:43 amIce fog. Cold.23 °FManhattanThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.20 °FSt. PaulThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.20 °F
Colorado SpringsThu 3:43 amPartly cloudy. Cold.24 °FManistiqueThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.20 °FSt. PetersburgThu 5:43 amThunderstorms. Fog. Mild.71 °F
Columbia (us-sc)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Mild.63 °FManitowocThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.9 °FStamfordThu 5:43 amDrizzle. Fog. Cool.49 °F
Columbia (us-mo)Thu 4:43 amCold.21 °FMankatoThu 4:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.16 °FState CollegeThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.40 °F
Columbus (US-GA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.54 °FMansfield (US-OH)Thu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.28 °FStatesvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.59 °F
Columbus (US-OH)Thu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FMansfield (US-TX)Thu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FStauntonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.55 °F
ComptonThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °FMantecaThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °FSterlingThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °F
Concord (NH)Thu 5:43 amFog. Chilly.38 °FManteoThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.51 °FSterling HeightsThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °F
Concord (CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FMarlboroughThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.51 °FStevensonThu 2:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.47 °F
ConroeThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FMarquetteThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.17 °FStillwater (US-OK)Thu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °F
CookevilleThu 4:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FMaryvilleThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.25 °FStillwater (US-MN)Thu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.20 °F
CooperstownThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Quite cool.43 °FMasonThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.28 °FStocktonThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
Coos BayThu 2:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.43 °FMason CityThu 4:43 amIce fog. Cold.22 °FStroudsburgThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.45 °F
CoronaThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °FMassillonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.38 °FStuartThu 5:43 amClear. Mild.72 °F
Corpus ChristiThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.36 °FMcAlesterThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.22 °FSummervilleThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Mild.67 °F
CorvallisThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.41 °FMcAllenThu 4:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FSunnyvaleThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °F
Costa MesaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FMcCombThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FSunriseThu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.75 °F
CottonwoodThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FMcKinneyThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °FSunrise ManorThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
CovingtonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FMcMinnvilleThu 4:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.30 °FSurpriseThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
CrestlineThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FMedfordThu 2:43 amLow clouds. Quite cool.43 °FSylmarThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °F
CrestviewThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.46 °FMelbourneThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.72 °FSylvaniaThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °F
Cross LanesThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.50 °FMemphisThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.26 °FSyracuseThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Quite cool.44 °F
CubaThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.18 °FMenomineeThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.4 °FTacomaThu 2:43 amMostly cloudy. Quite cool.44 °F
CulpeperThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.45 °FMerrimackThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.37 °FTakoma ParkThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °F
Culver CityThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °FMerritt IslandThu 5:43 amClear. Mild.71 °FTalkeetnaThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.34 °F
CumberlandThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.51 °FMesaThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FTalladegaThu 4:43 amDrizzle. Low clouds. Chilly.39 °F
CummingThu 5:43 amFog. Cool.50 °FMesquiteThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.28 °FTallahasseeThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.62 °F
CupertinoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FMetairieThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.38 °FTampaThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.72 °F
DallasThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.35 °FMetlakatlaThu 1:43 amMostly cloudy. Quite cool.42 °FTaylorsThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.55 °F
Daly CityThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.48 °FMiamiThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.74 °FTehachapiThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °F
DanburyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.51 °FMiddleboroughThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.54 °FTellurideThu 3:43 amMostly cloudy. Cold.19 °F
DanvilleThu 5:43 amLight snow. Low clouds. Chilly.30 °FMiddleburgThu 5:43 amHeavy rain. Low clouds. Mild.66 °FTemeculaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.36 °F
DaphneThu 4:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.41 °FMiddletown, Orange Co.Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.34 °FTempeThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
DavenportThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.6 °FMiddletown TownshipThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.57 °FTempleThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
DavisThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °FMidlandThu 4:43 amChilly.38 °FTerre HauteThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.21 °F
DaytonThu 5:43 amIce fog. Chilly.29 °FMilwaukeeThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.10 °FTexarkanaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °F
Daytona BeachThu 5:43 amPartly cloudy. Mild.72 °FMineolaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FThermopolisThu 3:43 amMostly cloudy. Cold.21 °F
DecaturThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.16 °FMinneapolisThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.20 °FThomasvilleThu 5:43 amDrizzle. Overcast. Cool.60 °F
DefianceThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FMinoquaThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Cold.14 °FThompsonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.48 °F
DeLandThu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.72 °FMinotThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.-7 °FThousand OaksThu 2:43 amQuite cool.41 °F
DeltonaThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.72 °FMission ViejoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FTimeThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.17 °F
DenisonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FMissoulaThu 3:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.31 °FTitusvilleThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.71 °F
DentonThu 4:43 amChilly.30 °FMoabThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FToccoaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.51 °F
DenverThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.23 °FMobileThu 4:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.41 °FToledoThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °F
Des MoinesThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.21 °FModestoThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.40 °FTomballThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
DestinThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.49 °FMoenkopiThu 3:43 amCold.24 °FTopekaThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °F
DetroitThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FMohave ValleyThu 3:43 amClear. Cool.45 °FTorranceThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °F
DexterThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.23 °FMonongahelaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Quite cool.44 °FTracyThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
DickinsonThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.-6 °FMonroevilleThu 4:43 amFog. Quite cool.42 °FTrentonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.57 °F
DinubaThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °FMontereyThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.50 °FTroy (US-MI)Thu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °F
Dodge CityThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °FMontgomeryThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Quite cool.41 °FTroy (US-NY)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.43 °F
DothanThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Cool.50 °FMonticelloThu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.31 °FTruckeeThu 2:43 amIce fog. Cold.23 °F
DoverThu 5:43 amLight rain. Passing clouds. Cool.59 °FMontpelierThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.39 °FTuba CityThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.20 °F
DowneyThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.48 °FMontroseThu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.24 °FTucsonThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °F
DubuqueThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.10 °FMoorparkThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.45 °FTulareThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °F
DuluthThu 4:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Cold.18 °FMoreno ValleyThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FTularosaThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.25 °F
DunnThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.64 °FMorgantownThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.49 °FTullahomaThu 4:43 amFog. Chilly.32 °F
DurangoThu 3:43 amClear. Frigid.4 °FMorristownThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.54 °FTulsaThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.26 °F
DurhamThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.62 °FMoscowThu 2:43 amOvercast. Chilly.32 °FTurlockThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.40 °F
DyersburgThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FMount AiryThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.59 °FTuscaloosaThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.36 °F
East OrangeThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °FMount CarmelThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °FTuskegeeThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Quite cool.45 °F
EasthamThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.45 °FMount PoconoThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.45 °FTwentynine PalmsThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
Eau ClaireThu 4:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Cold.16 °FMount Vernon (US-OH)Thu 5:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.30 °FTylerThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °F
EdisonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °FMount Vernon (US-NY)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.49 °FUkiahThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °F
EffinghamThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FMountain ViewThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FUnion CityThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °F
El CentroThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FMuncieThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Chilly.25 °FUrbanaThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.16 °F
El MonteThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FMunisingThu 5:43 amCold.21 °FUticaThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Quite cool.43 °F
El PasoThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FMurfreesboroThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °FUvaldeThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
El SegundoThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.52 °FMurrayThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.27 °FValdezThu 1:43 amIce fog. Chilly.32 °F
Elizabeth (US-CO)Thu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.12 °FMuskegonThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FValdostaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Mild.64 °F
Elizabeth (US-NJ)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °FMyrtle BeachThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.61 °FVallejoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
ElkhartThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.25 °FNacogdochesThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.22 °FValley VillageThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °F
ElkoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.28 °FNampaThu 3:43 amOvercast. Chilly.32 °FVancouverThu 2:43 amOvercast. Cool.47 °F
EllensburgThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FNantucketThu 5:43 amFog. Quite cool.44 °FVashonThu 2:43 amOvercast. Cool.46 °F
ElyriaThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FNapaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °FVeniceThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °F
EmporiaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.25 °FNapili-HonokowaiThu 12:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.73 °FVero BeachThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Mild.70 °F
EncinoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °FNaplesThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.73 °FVevayThu 5:43 amIce fog. Chilly.27 °F
EnidThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FNarragansettThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.50 °FVicksburgThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
EphrataThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FNashuaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.49 °FVictoriaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °F
ErieThu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °FNashvilleThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °FVictorvilleThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °F
EscanabaThu 5:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.13 °FNeenahThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.7 °FVincennesThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.23 °F
EscondidoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °FNew BedfordThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.51 °FVirginia BeachThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.61 °F
EugeneThu 2:43 amQuite cool.44 °FNew BrunswickThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.55 °FVisaliaThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °F
Eureka (MT)Thu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °FNew CityThu 5:43 amDrizzle. Fog. Cool.49 °FVistaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °F
Eureka (USA)Thu 2:43 amDense fog. Cool.49 °FNew HavenThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.49 °FWacoThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.29 °F
EvanstonThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.13 °FNew OrleansThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.38 °FWailukuThu 12:43 amClear. Mild.69 °F
EvansvilleThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.24 °FNew Port RicheyThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.66 °FWainwrightThu 1:43 amOvercast. Frigid.-4 °F
EverettThu 2:43 amFog. Quite cool.41 °FNew SalemThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Frigid.-3 °FWaipahuThu 12:43 amOvercast. Mild.66 °F
FairbanksThu 1:43 amPassing clouds. Frigid.4 °FNew TazewellThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.38 °FWaldorfThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.57 °F
FairburyThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FNew WilmingtonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.34 °FWalla WallaThu 2:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.41 °F
FairfaxThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °FNew YorkThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.52 °FWalnut CreekThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
FairfieldThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.10 °FNewarkThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.56 °FWalthamThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.51 °F
Fall RiverThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.51 °FNewport (US-OR)Thu 2:43 amCool.46 °FWamsutterThu 3:43 amOvercast. Cold.17 °F
FalmouthThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.52 °FNewportThu 5:43 amQuite cool.42 °FWarminster TownshipThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.53 °F
FargoThu 4:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Frigid.0 °FNewport BeachThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FWarrenThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °F
FaribaultThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.19 °FNewport NewsThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.62 °FWarwickThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.53 °F
FarmingtonThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °FNoatakThu 1:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Cold.21 °FWashington (Missouri)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.20 °F
Fayetteville (NC)Thu 5:43 amHeavy rain. Fog. Mild.65 °FNobleThu 4:43 amChilly.30 °FWashington DC (D.C.)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.55 °F
Fayetteville (US-AR)Thu 4:43 amClear. Cold.18 °FNomeThu 1:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.27 °FWaterburyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.48 °F
Fayetteville (GA)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.52 °FNorfolkThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.65 °FWaterlooThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.18 °F
Fergus FallsThu 4:43 amLight snow. Passing clouds. Frigid.0 °FNorth Las VegasThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.38 °FWatsonvilleThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °F
FerndaleThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FNorth Myrtle BeachThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.61 °FWaukeshaThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.3 °F
FirebaughThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °FNorth PlatteThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °FWausauThu 4:43 amIce fog. Cold.12 °F
FlagstaffThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.23 °FNorwalkThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FWaxahachieThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
FlintThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FNovatoThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °FWaycrossThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.66 °F
Florence (US-SC)Thu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Mild.66 °FNuiqsutThu 1:43 amLow clouds. Frigid.-8 °FWaynesvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °F
Florence (US-AL)Thu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.33 °FOak HarborThu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Quite cool.42 °FWeehawkenThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.52 °F
FontanaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FOaklandThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °FWellsThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Chilly.39 °F
Forest GroveThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.43 °FOberlinThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FWelltonThu 3:43 amClear. Cool.47 °F
Fort BraggThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FOcalaThu 5:43 amHeavy rain. Fog. Mild.68 °FWenatcheeThu 2:43 amIce fog. Chilly.28 °F
Fort CollinsThu 3:43 amOvercast. Chilly.27 °FOceansideThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.40 °FWest AllisThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.14 °F
Fort DrumThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Chilly.40 °FOdessaThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FWest BendThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.9 °F
Fort LauderdaleThu 5:43 amOvercast. Mild.75 °FOgdenThu 3:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °FWest CovinaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °F
Fort Leonard WoodThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.18 °FOkanoganThu 2:43 amClear. Cold.20 °FWest Palm BeachThu 5:43 amPartly cloudy. Mild.74 °F
Fort MyersThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.72 °FOkeechobeeThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.68 °FWest WendoverThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.39 °F
Fort SmithThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FOklahoma CityThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.30 °FWest YellowstoneThu 3:43 amLight snow. Mostly cloudy. Cold.12 °F
Fort Walton BeachThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Cool.47 °FOlatheThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FWestlandThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.29 °F
Fort WayneThu 5:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.28 °FOld Bridge TownshipThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.57 °FWestonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Cool.51 °F
Fort WorthThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FOleanThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.34 °FWestportThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.47 °F
FrankenmuthThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FOlive BranchThu 4:43 amIce fog. Cold.25 °FWhartonThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °F
FrankfortThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FOlympiaThu 2:43 amOvercast. Quite cool.44 °FWheatonThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.8 °F
FranklinThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Cool.61 °FOmahaThu 4:43 amMostly cloudy. Chilly.31 °FWheelingThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Chilly.38 °F
FrederickThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.41 °FOntario (OR)Thu 3:43 amOvercast. Chilly.33 °FWhite LakeThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.26 °F
FredericksburgThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.58 °FOntario (CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FWhite PlainsThu 5:43 amDrizzle. Fog. Cool.49 °F
FreeholdThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.57 °FOrange (US-TX)Thu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FWichitaThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.31 °F
FremontThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FOrange (US-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Cool.49 °FWichita FallsThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °F
French LickThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.24 °FOrangevaleThu 2:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °FWildwoodThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.50 °F
FresnoThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.42 °FOrefieldThu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.54 °FWilkes-BarreThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.46 °F
FullertonThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FOrland ParkThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.14 °FWilliamstownThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.56 °F
Furnace Creek (Death Valley)Thu 2:43 amCool.48 °FOrlandoThu 5:43 amMostly cloudy. Mild.71 °FWillistonThu 4:43 amClear. Frigid.-8 °F
Gainesville (GA)Thu 5:43 amFog. Cool.50 °FOroville (US-WA)Thu 2:43 amChilly.28 °FWilmington (DE)Thu 5:43 amRain. Fog. Cool.51 °F
Gainesville (FL)Thu 5:43 amThundershowers. Fog. Mild.70 °FOroville (US-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °FWilmington (NC)Thu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Mild.66 °F
GaithersburgThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °FOsage CityThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FWinamacThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cold.22 °F
GalvestonThu 4:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FOshkoshThu 4:43 amIce fog. Frigid.9 °FWinderThu 5:43 amLow clouds. Cool.54 °F
Garden GroveThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FOverland ParkThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FWindow RockThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.20 °F
GarlandThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.28 °FOwensboroThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.25 °FWindsorThu 5:43 amOvercast. Chilly.37 °F
GaryThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.16 °FOxfordThu 4:43 amOvercast. Chilly.28 °FWinonaThu 4:43 amOvercast. Cold.18 °F
GastoniaThu 5:43 amRain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.63 °FOxnardThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.52 °FWinslowThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.25 °F
GautierThu 4:43 amFog. Chilly.39 °FOzoneThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.23 °FWinston-SalemThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.61 °F
GenevaThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Quite cool.43 °FPacoimaThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.51 °FWoodburyThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.20 °F
GermantownThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.41 °FPaducahThu 4:43 amClear. Cold.24 °FWoodinvilleThu 2:43 amFog. Quite cool.41 °F
GladewaterThu 4:43 amMixture of precip. Clear. Chilly.27 °FPageThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FWoodlandThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.45 °F
GlastonburyThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.50 °FPahrumpThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.32 °FWoodstockThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.52 °F
Glendale (USA-AZ)Thu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FPalestineThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.27 °FWoosterThu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.28 °F
Glendale (USA-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FPalm CoastThu 5:43 amCool.71 °FWorcesterThu 5:43 amLight rain. Fog. Cool.48 °F
GlennallenThu 1:43 amClear. Cold.13 °FPalm SpringsThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FWrightThu 4:43 amLow clouds. Cool.47 °F
GloucesterThu 5:43 amOvercast. Cool.51 °FPalmdaleThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.35 °FWylieThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °F
GloversvilleThu 5:43 amLight rain. Low clouds. Quite cool.43 °FPalmettoThu 5:43 amCool.68 °FYakimaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.28 °F
GonzalesThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °FPalo AltoThu 2:43 amClear. Cool.46 °FYakutatThu 1:43 amFog. Chilly.37 °F
GoodingThu 3:43 amClear. Chilly.31 °FPanama CityThu 4:43 amPassing clouds. Cool.58 °FYanktonThu 4:43 amLight snow. Overcast. Cold.22 °F
GoodlandThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Cold.23 °FParadise (Nevada)Thu 2:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.40 °FYeadonThu 5:43 amLight rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.56 °F
GoodyearThu 3:43 amClear. Quite cool.41 °FParadise (Calif.)Thu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.37 °FYonkersThu 5:43 amRain. Overcast. Cool.53 °F
GranburyThu 4:43 amChilly.28 °FParamusThu 5:43 amRain. Overcast. Cool.53 °FYoungstownThu 5:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Chilly.32 °F
Grand ForksThu 4:43 amLight snow. Ice fog. Frigid.-4 °FParkesburgThu 5:43 amLight rain. Overcast. Cool.56 °FYrekaThu 2:43 amClear. Chilly.34 °F
Grand IslandThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.26 °FParowanThu 3:43 amClear. Cold.14 °FYuba CityThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.44 °F
Grand JunctionThu 3:43 amPassing clouds. Chilly.28 °FPasadena (USA-TX)Thu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.36 °FYucaipaThu 2:43 amClear. Quite cool.43 °F
Grand PrairieThu 4:43 amClear. Chilly.33 °FPasadena (USA-CA)Thu 2:43 amClear. Cool.47 °FYumaThu 3:43 amClear. Cool.47 °F