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NEW: Moon Light World Map

The Moon Light World Map shows where the Moon is visible from the Earth, given the right weather conditions and moon phases.

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Moon Light Map

Online Meeting Planner extended

We've extended our online Meeting Planner so now you can include up to 12 different locations/Time Zones when you plan web meetings or phone conferences. The Meeting Planner calculates the most convenient time for everyone invited.

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The September Equinox

At precisely 09:04 UTC on September 23, 2011 when the sun crosses the celestial equator, the September equinox occurs, marking the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern.       

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September Equinox IllustrationOur Seasons Calculator also lists times for the March equinox, as well as the June and December solstices

September Poll

Question: Which one of the following NEW services
would you consider paying for?

Business Day Calculator
iPhone & iPad Apps
Android Apps
Clocks and Calendars for my own website
XML/API services
None of them - I do not want to pay for services & Apps
Vote online if you are having trouble with the vote function.

August Poll Results

Last month's poll question: "Question: Which of these new services would you like us to create next?"

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@Jonahthegreat This is staying in my bookmarks. Only 6762 hours until Summer 2012. DOESN'T SOUND SO BAD NOW, DOES IT?

@TechnologyEA Interested in catching a business webinar but confused as we are about world time zones like 2pm EST, Pacific Time...

@quarridors I've been a million seconds old since 8th of June, you'd think I'd have realised! ;)

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Did You Know...

...that there will be no December 30
in Samoa this year?

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