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Newsletter Issue 116

There Goes Summer...

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, summer 2022 ends on August 31, and September 1 marks the beginning of fall (autumn). Meteorologically, that is. As per the astronomical definition, you have until the equinox on September 22 or 23, depending on your time zone, to enjoy the final days of summer.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, September 1 is the start of meteorological spring.

When do seasons begin and end?

Time Zone Converter Easier to Use

We’ve added many new features to our much sought-after Time Zone Converter, including more information about the best times to call or get in touch with people in different time zones. Check it out!

Watch the Planets Dance

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are visible in the night sky for the next few weeks. Look for Venus and Mars in the early mornings before the Sun rises. The two gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn, are visible for most of the night after the Sun sets.

The image above is from our Interactive Night Sky Map, showing Jupiter shining in the night sky above New York on the night of August 26.

When and where to see Earth’s planetary cousins in the night sky

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