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Newsletter Issue 119

Good News! The Year’s Shortest Day Is Getting Longer!

As the December solstice (December 21/ 22) approaches, we decided to look at our Sun data to see how daylengths change over time. And we found some fascinating patterns!

Did you know that the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day of the year is getting longer, and the Southern Hemisphere's longest day is getting shorter? And that the Moon affects the daylengths on Earth?

Tell me more!

26 Hours of New Years

It takes 26 hours for the New Year to travel around the world! By the time the last country in the world is popping the bubbly to welcome the New Year, the calendars in the first country in the world to usher it in will already be on January 2. Count down to 2023 with more such trivia about New Year’s Eve.

Merry Deep-Fried Christmas!

Do you have a special Christmas tradition? At timeanddate, we bring out our favorite Christmas clothes and accessories and wear them all month long. In parts of Mexico, people carve radishes. In Wales, folks go house to house with a singing horse skull engaging in poetic battles. And in Japan, there is fried chicken on the menu for Christmas dinner.

7 unusual and unique Christmas traditions

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