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Count down to all Winter Olympic events

Confused about the timings of your favorite Olympic Winter Games events? Want to cheer on your team, but unsure when they play? We have teamed up with luxury watchmaker OMEGA to bring you Countdowns to the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

Now, you can count down to the Opening Ceremony and all your favorite Olympic events with just a click of your mouse. Check it out

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Calculate the week number of any date

Ever wondered what week number a date falls in? Want to know the beginning and end dates of a week of your choice? Then, try out our new Week Number Calculator

Tell us what you think!

Will you be watching the Olympic Winter Games?

Click an option below to send your vote

  1. No! I am not interested in winter sports
  2. Yes, of course! I have been waiting for these games for four years!
  3. I’ll only watch events with my favorite team(s) and/ or athlete(s).
  4. I will watch every game & will use your countdowns extensively.
  5. Wow, I didn’t know they have Olympic Games in the winter!
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Time Zone News

 ▶ Will Russia revert to "winter time" in 2014?

 ▶ India to get a second time zone

Did you know...

Eclipses in 2014

...that 2014 has the minimum number of eclipses that can occur in a year? There will be an annular solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, and two total lunar eclipses this year.

Can you see the eclipses?

Tip of the month

Plan out all your meteor shower viewing events for the whole year using our comprehensive Meteor Shower Guide. Read more

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