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Newsletter Issue 78

A totally eclipsed Moon against a black night sky

July 27-28: Longest Total Lunar Eclipse This Century

The total lunar eclipse on July 27-28, 2018 is the longest one this century. Find local times for this Blood Moon, watch the animation of what it will look like, and find your location on the map or the 3D globe. And don't forget to check the weather!

Is the Total Lunar Eclipse Visible Where You Are?

We Are Streaming LIVE on July 27-28

Is this eclipse not visible in your location? Is it cloudy or are you stuck inside? Simply tune in to our LIVE stream and watch the Full Moon turn dark red from anywhere in the world. We'll be on the air from 18:00 UTC on July 27 with spectacular live footage of the July 27-28 Blood Moon total lunar eclipse.

Don't Miss Out — Watch the Eclipse LIVE

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