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Newsletter Issue 86

Illustration of shooting stars from the Eta Aquarids meteor shower including the dates the shower is active; from April 19 to May 28, 2019

Look Up for Shooting Stars

You can see up to 50 shooting stars an hour when the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower reaches its peak dates. Use our Interactive Meteor Shower Sky Map to find the best dates and time where you are.

If you try it on a mobile, all you have to do is point your device towards the night sky and follow the directions on the screen.

When Is the Best Night to Spot the Meteors?

A Blue Moon in May

The term once in a Blue Moon suggests a very rare event. Is the Full Moon on May 18 rare? Will it be blue? How often do Blue Moons occur?

Illustration of various smartphones and tablets covered by the text “Apps by timeanddate.com.”

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