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Fresh, newly designed Sun & Moon pages

After the City Information Pages and the Weather Pages, our Sun and Moon Pages have undergone a design facelift.

The redesigned pages are not only more visual, easy-to-read and mobile compatible, but also provide comprehensive Sun and Moon information, including sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset timings for thousands of locations around the world.

Our Moon Phases Pages are also being redesigned.

Check out when the Sun will rise in your city

Let us know what you think of the new design

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Football World Cup time zone guide

Are you a diehard football (soccer) fan? Looking forward to watching your favorite teams play in the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, but confused about the time differences? Fear not, we have you covered! We have created a handy guide with all the World Cup host cities. Just click the city link and find out the time difference between the host city and your location! Read more

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  1. Information about regional, religious and cultural calendars.
  2. More about fun and offbeat holidays.
  3. Special dates in the calendar and their significance.
  4. Time and date trivia.
  5. I think you have everything I need to know about time and date.
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Time Zone News


 ▶ Egypt and Morocco suspend DST for Ramadan

 ▶ Egypt re-introduces Daylight Saving Time

Did you know...

...that we now have holidays for all European countries? You can add these holidays when you create calendars using our Calendar services.

Holidays around the world

Tip of the month

Have an Android phone or device? We now have an Android version of our best selling World Clock App. Find the local time, time zone information and offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for thousands of locations around the world right from your Android device.  Find out more

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