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New Year 2012
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Count down to 2012 with timeanddate.com!

Will the world end in 2012? Is 2012 a leap year? Read all about 2012 >>

BRAND NEW: iPhone & iPad Apps

Illustration image No matter where you are, you can count down to 2012 with our updated Countdown Timer Pro iPhone app. It's glossier and we removed a few small bugs. Get it now >>

Illustration image Try out our Timer app for iPhone and iPad, which makes timing your everyday tasks easy — from boiling an egg to timing games or exercise. Get it now >>

Lunar eclipse
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Eclipse of the moon: Dec 10

This eclipse will be the last one in 2011. When the Moon is fully eclipsed, it looks dark red.
Will you be able to see the lunar eclipse?

There will be 4 solar & lunar eclipses in 2012, including an eclipse in the US.

Android App — Word Clock

Wordclock iconThe Word Clock tells the time in just words and is a great way to learn to tell time in 8 different languages! Go to Android Market >>


Word Clock

The Word Clock is also available on:

Latest Time Zone News

Tokelau to jump dateline with Samoa
Samoa jumps 1 day closer to 2012

©iStockphoto.com/ Ugurhan Betin

Get your 2012 calendar!

Need to print a calendar for 2012? Try one of our Calendars to use and print.

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Do you know...

...when daylight saving time –
DST – starts & ends in 2012?

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timeanddate.com came online in 1998. We have accurate and reliable information on times, time zones, calendars, and calculators.

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