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The World Clock Celebrates 15 Years

timeanddate.com’s World Clock is celebrating 15 years since its first release on November 7, 1995. The World Clock is used by many of our users from all over the world and is constantly being updated to improve its quality and performance.

The history of the World Clock began when it was developed in a period of two days in 1995. It featured the current times for approximately 120 cities and was quickly updated to include daylight saving time and an English version by January 1996.

The World Clock has undergone alot of development over the last 15 years and we plan to make more enhancements to the World Clock in the upcoming months.

New iPhone Intl Meeting Planner App

Intl Meeting PlannerNeed to arrange an international videoconference or net-based meeting on-the-go? timeanddate.com’s Intl Meeting Planner application gives iPhone users the convenience of scheduling an international meeting right at their fingertips.

iPhone users now have the ability to easily plan an international meeting so that no one has to be up during the middle of the night. The app features a large list of cities worldwide and an easy-to-read color coded time table to help select the perfect time for your next meeting.

The Intl Meeting Planner is fully aware of the constant effects of time zone and daylight saving (DST) changes and will adjust times based on the reliable and up-to date- databases from timeanddate.com. The app also takes into account if and when a location starts and ends DST when you plan future meetings. Learn how-to-use the Intl Meeting Planner or download it from iTunes.

Updated Daylight Saving Time Pages

It is an important time of year for countries that observe daylight saving time (DST) due to the clocks moving forward or back. Now you can learn about DST and how it works on our updated DST pages that feature quick links to all articles related to DST.

Ever wonder how and when the clock moves for the start and end of DST? A clock animation on the DST tab of the city info pages now show how the clock changes when DST starts and when it switches back to standard time.  Get the latest DST information and time zone changes in our Time Zone News.

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I know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
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Previous Poll Results

You can view the previous poll results online for last month's poll question “What do you think about our newest service the Travel Duration Calculator?”.

All the Time in the World

by Allan Eastman

The Care Of Time

Allan Eastman Allan Eastman left behind his successful career as a Film and Television Director and Executive Producer to travel the world. He has visited over 100 countries on all six continents. He spends most of his time reading, writing and thinking about things. He is an amateur historian, a music archivist, a reasonable chef and a seeker after happiness .

Endless Summers

Back when I was 7 or 8 years old, Time had no meaning whatsoever. Everything seemed to last forever. Each long sunny summer day rolled on endlessly. The entire two month summer vacation from school went on for decades.

It was a much simpler age when I was a boy and a far better world for kids. Your parents were much less worried about all the horrible things that can happen to kids in our own modern times. The Midwest city I grew up in was more like one big community. People were neighbourly and they kept an eye on other people’s kids - stalkers were virtually nonexistent and any who might be around were dealt with harshly by the Law. Traffic was considerably lighter. Children enjoyed the sort of freedom that seems impossible today.

Every morning, my gang of friends and I would head off on our bikes in search of adventure. There were a series of pathways along the riverbanks of the city called “The Monkey Trails” and we careened along them for miles, whooping our way in and out of the tall trees and up and down the deep dipped gullies. Spectacular wrecks and wipe outs in these gullies were the stuff of kid legend. We thought nothing of pedaling for an hour and more out to City Park to visit the Zoo or clear across town because we had heard that some kid had broken his arm and had an amazing articulated cast that could be signed. We would sit on the grass and talk for hours about everything or play endless complicated games for the entire day. Any kid could stay in the public swimming pool from 9 to 6 without ever coming out.

Our schedule was vague to say the least. My Mom set some limits on my return home to check in but “Be back by lunchtime” or “Be home for supper” was as close to actual Time management as we got. Time was sort of internally felt but was not really thought about or paid much attention to. You just kind of knew when to come back. The absolute deadline to our daily adventures was “Be home before Dark.” We only checked a clock to see how long it was until The Lone Ranger or Zorro was on television. The most dreaded Time of all was “Bed Time.”

But how things change - jump cut to 30 years later...

Read more of Allan Eastman’s article The Care Of Time, found at our guest feature section All the Time in the World.

Message from the Team

Welcome to the November Newsletter!

We hope you’ve added a new Flash Clocks to your personal website and tried out the Date Pattern Calculator to help you find the perfect date for your next big event.

This month we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the World Clock. We are also introducing our newest iPhone application the Intl Meeting Planner.

Visit our Facebook page to get the latest news from timeanddate.com, and discuss issues related to our website.

We hope to make more upgrades and offer new services on our site in the future, so keep in touch with our website to help you with all of the time and date related information.

Please email suggestions for mobile apps, search tools, and other ideas to:webmaster@timeanddate.com.

You can automatically receive our newsletter each month and don’t forget to confirm your subscription.

If you have missed previous editions, you can find them on our newsletter archive online.

The Team at timeanddate.com

FAQ/Tip of the Month

Do you constantly check out the local time for family and friends that live all over the world? The Personal World Clock can help you configure your clock to display your most frequently used locations (up to 25 locations).

To add a city, simply find and select a city from the left column and click “Add selected location(s)”. Organize your selected locations by reordering the list or delete a city by selecting the city and clicking “Remove”.

You can choose other options such as showing the weekday and the time zone abbreviation. When you are done, select “Save settings”.

The configuration is anonymous and it is not necessary to register or log in to use this feature. However, it is recommended that you register to prevent your settings from being lost.

Did You Know...

Hotels in Maldives follow their own daylight saving time (DST) schedule.

The nation of Maldives which is 5 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) does not follow DST but many of the hotels and resorts have adopted their own DST schedule to follow all year.

Many island resorts may move their local time a half an hour, an hour, or an hour and a half ahead of the local time in Male, the capital of Maldives in hopes to save the daylight for natives and tourists.

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Time Zone News

Time Zone Change is Possible in Acre, Brazil

The time zone of Acre might return to its old time zone, which is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) based on a referendum presented during this year’s election in Brazil.

Fiji Begins Daylight Saving Time Period

Fiji began their daylight saving time (DST) schedule on Sunday, October 24, 2010. However, Fiji is scheduled to end DST on March 6 rather than March 27 in 2011, which is three weeks earlier than expected.

Russia Proposes International System of Time Zones

The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) introduced a draft bill that will move Russia to the international system of time zones, which is Standard Time plus one hour.

About timeanddate.com

timeanddate.com is an established company that first came online in 1998.

We maintain more than a decade of experience in providing a thorough, accurate and reliable source of time and date related information.

Our website features applications and services such as the World Clock and the Calendar. These are just two of many useful tools to help people get all their time and date related information.

Visit our website to find out more information about the company behind timeanddate.com.

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