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Convert and share a fixed time:

New and Improved Event Time Announcer

Try this handy service to convert and share the time all over the world of anything that happens at a certain time in a certain place , like product launches, new games, live broadcasts and webcasts, sports events, deadlines, concerts, premiers etc.
We've improved our service by adding the fixed time converted to the same time where you are above the list of times worldwide, but you can easily change the top location, if you're going to be somewhere else at the time. Try it now

Easy log in via social media

Make sure your favourite cities and settings aren't lost after each use with a simple sign in to your user account via Facebook, Google and Windows Live. Creating a user account is free and doesn't involve any spam. Full story

App Updates

iPad & iPhone: Countdown Timer Pro

Pause & Resume, Mute Sounds,
Cancel button allows you to cancel the timer at any time on iPhone & iPod Touch Full story


Timer App for iPhone & iPad

Pause & Resume, Mute Sounds,
Cancel button lets you to cancel the timer at any time on iPhone & iPod Touch Full story

Tell us what you think!

Which new calendar features would you like us to offer?

Click an option below to send your vote

  1. Save my own events, like birthdays, meetings etc. to a calendar
  2. Create new printable options, like Family & Birthday Calendars etc
  3. Add my own pictures to print desk top or wall calendars at home
  4. Import from and export to other calendars
  5. Make the iPad Calendar & Holidays App available for iPhone & Android
Last poll: "Which Animated Countdown would you like to see next?"



Time Zone News

DST starts in New Zealand September 30
and Australia October 7

Fiji starts Daylight Saving 21 October, 2012

Tokelau: Wrong local time for over 100 years!

Indonesia: Single time zone delayed

 Did you know...

...that the September Equinox is coming up? This marks the beginning of fall in many places in the northern hemisphere and start of spring in the southern hemisphere. We've used the improved Event Time Announcer to show you when it happens all over the world, or check out our Seasons Calculator for Equinox and Solstice times from 2000-2049. Full story

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This is the first newsletter since the June edition

Tip of the month

With just 1 extra click, you can add event times you've created with our
Event Time Announcer to your own calendar or create a online Countdown to share anywhere. Full story

About Us

timeanddate.com came online in 1998. We have accurate and reliable information on times, time zones, calendars, and calculators.
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