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Going somewhere for Easter or Passover?

Test our online Travel Time Calculator

The beginning of April is high season for travelling worldwide as Easter and Passover holidays see families reunite during the school holidays.
Want to know just how long the journey will take? Just enter the start and end time, and the calculator will account for all time zone differences.
Help us test our BETA Travel Time Calculator now

API for developers!

More Astronomy services available: Sunset and sunrise times, moon-times, twilight start and end times, length of the day and moon phases.
You can also use geographic coordinates for querying our
services, and we have several price alternatives available.
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App News

Countdown Timer Pro:

-Sleek new look with grey/black cells
-New funky backgrounds
-New Year Time Zone Map upgraded with zoom
-All settings available in App
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Timer by timeanddate.com

Updated look with sleek looking grey/black cells... Full story







World Clock Free and Gold

More popular than ever!
Faster upgraded Time Zone Map...
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Vote in our monthly Poll

Some fear Friday the 13th, others think it’s lucky...
How do you feel?

Click an option below to send your vote

  1. It’s just another Friday; I’m not superstitious!
  2. Unlucky! I try my best not to leave the house on Friday 13th.
  3. Oh, Lucky Day! I will definitely buy a lottery ticket!
  4. Unlucky, I guess, but I don’t do anything special to avoid it.
  5. Lucky or unlucky? What are you talking about?
Last month’s poll:

Would you use learning tools for kids from timeanddate.com?



Time Zone News

Did you know...

...that the fear of
Friday the 13th, aka
, is a real diagnosis?
Some people are even too terrified to utter the words “Friday the 13th”.
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timeanddate.com came online in 1998. We have accurate and reliable information on times, time zones, calendars, and calculators. Full story


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