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Customize our new easy to print PDF calendars

Get a jump start on organizing your days in the new year with our easily customizable and printable PDF Calendars. You can choose between three different designs for monthly or yearly layouts, start the year with the month of your choice, add holidays or observances for the country of your choice, and print them from the comfort of your office or your home. Deciding when to take that vacation in a new year has never been easier! Make your own

New, interactive Hourly Weather Graphs

Now you no longer have to make do with boring, text heavy weather charts! Our newly launched Weather Graphs display weather forecasts in a fun, easy to use, and interactive graph. Scroll to see hourly changes in the weather at your location, click on the icons to get more information, and see weather trends for the past week.
Find the Weather Graphs for your city here

App Updates

New Design, iPad version for our Meeting Planner app

We have redesigned one of our most popular iPhone apps - the Meeting Planner, and have made it easier to navigate and use. Now you can use it on your iPad as well as your iPhone. Full story

Tell us what you think!

Some believe that the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21, 2012. What will you be doing on that day?

Click an option below to send your vote

  1. Having an End of the World party! Its going to be a party to remember!
  2. End of the world? I’ll be too busy shopping for the holidays!
  3. I will be hiding under the bed.
  4. It’s just another December Solstice. No big deal.
  5. Yippee! Now I have an excuse to get out of that holiday dinner invitation.
Last month’s poll question: "Do you prefer more apps or a mobile site from timeanddate.com?"



Time Zone News

Jordan to remain on Summer Time

Libya changes Time Zone
DST in Israel to be extended in 2013

Did you know...

...that December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12, will be the last such numerically interesting date for the next 88 years? January 1, 2101 will be the next time when all three numbers in a date are the same. Read More

Tip of the month

Registering on our website and logging in will ensure that your settings are never lost... Read more

About Us

timeanddate.com came online in 1998. We have accurate and reliable information on times, time zones, calendars, and calculators.
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