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On This Day in History, April 25

What Happened On This Day – April 25

  • 2011 The largest tornado outbreak ever recorded hits the U.S.

    348 people in six states were killed during the outbreak, which encompassed a total of 358 confirmed tornadoes.

  • 1983 The German news magazine, Stern, announces discovery of Hitler's diaries

    The documents were later exposed as forgeries, triggering one of the most spectacular media scandals in history. Experts believe that Hitler never kept a diary.

  • 1974 In Portugal, the fascist Estado Novo is overthrown in a bloodless coup

    The leftist Carnation Revolution was led by military officers and supported by widespread civil resistance.

  • 1953 The double helix structure of DNA described for the first time

    Francis Crick and James D. Watson published their groundbreaking findings about the molecule containing genetic information was in Nature that day.

  • 1859 Construction of the Suez Canal begins

    The waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea became the shortest sea link between Europe and Asia.

Births On This Day – April 25

  • 1940 Al Pacino

    American actor, director

  • 1928 Cy Twombly

    American/Italian painter, sculptor

  • 1917 Ella Fitzgerald

    American singer

  • 1874 Guglielmo Marconi

    Italian businessman, inventor, developed Marconi's law, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 1599 Oliver Cromwell

    English general, politician

Deaths On This Day – April 25

  • 2008 Humphrey Lyttelton

    English trumpet player, composer

  • 2006 Jane Jacobs

    American/Canadian journalist, author, activist

  • 2001 Michele Alboreto

    Italian race car driver

  • 1944 George Herriman

    American cartoonist

  • 1744 Anders Celsius

    Swedish astronomer

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