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On This Day in History, March 10

What Happened On This Day – March 10

  • 2000 The dotcom bubble bursts when the NASDAQ Composite stock market index peaks at 5408.60

    The dotcom boom, which started in 1997, accompanied the advent of countless new Internet-based companies. When the speculative bubble burst, many small investors were affected.

  • 1959 A revolt erupts in Lhasa, sparking the Tibetan uprising

    Fearing the Dalai Lama's abduction by China, 300,000 Tibetans surrounded his palace.

  • 1952 Fulgencio Batista assumes power in Cuba after a coup

    The dictator was overthrown by rebels under the command of Che Guevara in 1959.

  • 1945 The most destructive bombing raid in history hits Tokyo

    About 100,000 Tokyo citizens died in the fires caused by the U.S. airforce's incendiary bombs.

  • 1876 The first telephone call is made

    Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the words “Mr. Watson, come here -- I want to see you” to his assistant, Thomas A. Watson, who was in the next-door room.

Births On This Day – March 10

  • 1958 Sharon Stone

    American actress, producer

  • 1957 Osama bin Laden

    Saudi Arabian terrorist, founded al-Qaeda

  • 1952 Morgan Tsvangirai

    Zimbabwean politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Zimbabwe

  • 1940 Chuck Norris

    American actor, martial artist

  • 1903 Bix Beiderbecke

    American pianist, composer

Deaths On This Day – March 10

  • 2012 Jean Giraud

    French author, illustrator

  • 1992 Giorgos Zampetas

    Greek bouzouki player, songwriter

  • 1988 Andy Gibb

    English/Australian singer

  • 1948 Zelda Fitzgerald

    American author

  • 1913 Harriet Tubman

    American nurse, activist

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