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On This Day in History, October 2

What Happened On This Day – October 2

  • 2002 Beltway sniper attacks begin

    A series of coordinated sniper attacks occurred in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The attacks lasted 3 weeks and resulted in the killing of 10 people.

  • 1992 Carandiru massacre

    A prison riot in Carandiru Penitentiary, Brazil, led to the killing of over 100 inmates by the police.

  • 1958 Guinea declares independence

    Guinea declared its independence from France.

  • 1950 Peanuts published for the first time

    Charles M. Schulz's comic strip, Peanuts, was printed for the first time in 9 newspapers around the U.S.

  • 1835 Battle of Gonzales

    The first military engagement of the Texas War of Independence, the Battle of Gonzales, occurred on this day between Texas rebels and Mexican troops. This battle marked the beginning of Texas' War of Independence, which resulted in the establishment of the Republic of Texas.

Births On This Day – October 2

  • 1966 Yokozuna

    American wrestler

  • 1951 Sting

    English singer-songwriter, bass player, actor

  • 1949 Annie Leibovitz

    American photographer

  • 1904 Graham Greene

    English author, playwright, critic

  • 1890 Groucho Marx

    American comedian, actor

Deaths On This Day – October 2

  • 2015 Brian Friel

    Irish author, playwright, director

  • 1985 Rock Hudson

    American actor

  • 1973 Paavo Nurmi

    Finnish runner

  • 1968 Marcel Duchamp

    French painter

  • 1803 Samuel Adams

    American politician, 4th Governor of Massachusetts

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