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On This Day in History, June 10

What Happened On This Day – June 10

  • 1999 The Kosovo War ends

    Slobodan Milošević, then President of Serbia, agreed to withdraw his troops from the disputed territory following a massive NATO bombing campaign. NATO's involvement has been criticized for its lack of a U.N. mandate.

  • 1967 The Six-Day War ends

    Israel and Syria agreed to observe a ceasefire mediated by the United Nations, ending six days of armed conflict. On the previous day, Israel had occupied the Golan Heights.

  • 1936 The Russian animation studio Soyuzmultfilm is established

    The film studio produced a total of 1530 movies, among them some of the best-known films of the Soviet era, such as Hedgehog in the Fog and The Bremen Town Musicians.

  • 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous is founded

    Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith established the mutual aid fellowship to battle alcoholism. Today, the organization is active in many countries around the world.

  • 1907 Autochrome Lumière color photography is introduced

    The process was invented by the legendary Lumière brothers in 1903. It was the first practical and commercially successful technology for the production of color photos.

Births On This Day – June 10

  • 1953 John Edwards

    American politician, lawyer

  • 1922 Judy Garland

    American actress, singer

  • 1921 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    Greek/English husband of Elizabeth II

  • 1910 Howlin' Wolf

    American singer-songwriter, musician

  • 1895 Hattie McDaniel

    American actress

Deaths On This Day – June 10

  • 2004 Ray Charles

    American singer-songwriter, pianist, actor

  • 1982 Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    German actor, director, screenwriter

  • 1967 Spencer Tracy

    American actor

  • 1934 Frederick Delius

    English composer

  • 1926 Antoni Gaudí

    Spanish architect, designed the Park Güell

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