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On This Day in History, February 16

What Happened On This Day – February 16

  • 2005 The Kyoto Protocol goes into effect

    The global warming pact was ratified by 191 countries to date - excluding the United States.

  • 1987 The first trial against John Demjanjuk begins in Jerusalem

    Demjanjuk was falsely accused of being a particularly brutal Nazi guard dubbed “Ivan the Terrible”; in a separate trial in 2011, he was convicted by a German criminal court as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 people.

  • 1985 Hezbollah is founded

    The Lebanese political party and militant group is classified as a terrorist organization by several western countries.

  • 1959 Fidel Castro becomes Cuba's Prime Minister

    Castro's rise to power came shortly after his “26th of July Movement” had overthrown dictator Fulgencio Batista in what became known as the Cuban Revolution.

  • 1923 The burial chamber of Pharoh Tutankhamun is opened

    Howard Carter's discovery is one of archeology's best known, especially due to the myth of the “Curse of Tutankhamun” that was sparked by the death of Lord Carnarvon who was one of the first to enter the chamber.

Births On This Day – February 16

  • 1979 Valentino Rossi

    Italian motorcycle racer

  • 1954 Iain Banks

    Scottish author

  • 1941 Kim Jong-il

    North Korean politician, 2nd Supreme Leader of North Korea

  • 1898 Katharine Cornell

    American actress, producer

  • 1831 Nikolai Leskov

    Russian author, playwright, journalist

Deaths On This Day – February 16

  • 2013 Tony Sheridan

    English singer-songwriter, guitarist

  • 2002 Walter Winterbottom

    England football manager

  • 1984 M. A. G. Osmany

    Bangladeshi general

  • 1957 Josef Hofmann

    Polish/American pianist, composer

  • 1932 Edgar Speyer

    American/English financier, philanthropist

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