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On This Day in History, May 5

What Happened On This Day – May 5

  • 1980 The British Special Air Service (SAS) terminate the Iranian Embassy siege in London

    Six gunmen had held 26 people hostage for six days, demanding the release of Iranian Arab prisoners. Two of the hostages were killed.

  • 1955 West Germany regains full sovereignty after World War II

    The Federal Republic of Germany had been established in 1949. Its provisional capital was Bonn. After the 1990 reunification of East and West Germany, Berlin was declared the country's capital.

  • 1949 The Council of Europe is founded

    The organization was the first to work for European integration. It has 47 member countries and is a completely separate entity from the European Union (EU).

  • 1934 The first Three Stooges film is released

    The comedy trio soon became famous, especially in the U.S., for their short films featuring slapstick humor.

  • 1904 Cy Young pitches the first perfect game in modern major league baseball

    A game is considered perfect when none of the opposing players reaches the first base. Young's team, the Boston Americans, won 3-0 over the Philadelphia Athletics

Births On This Day – May 5

  • 1988 Adele

    English singer-songwriter, musician

  • 1943 Michael Palin

    English actor, screenwriter

  • 1830 John Batterson Stetson

    American businessman, founded the John B. Stetson Company

  • 1818 Karl Marx

    German philosopher

  • 1813 Søren Kierkegaard

    Danish philosopher, author

Deaths On This Day – May 5

  • 2013 Greg Quill

    Australian/Canadian singer-songwriter, journalist

  • 2000 Gino Bartali

    Italian cyclist

  • 1995 Mikhail Botvinnik

    Russian chess player

  • 1977 Ludwig Erhard

    German politician, 2nd Chancellor of West Germany

  • 1821 Napoleon

    Corsican/French military officer, political leader

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