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On This Day in History, July 15

What Happened On This Day – July 15

  • 1996 MSNBC is launched

    The American news television channel was created by Microsoft and General Electric's NBC unit. The first show of the channel was hosted by Jodi Applegate.

  • 1994 Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 collides with Jupiter

    The Jupiter orbiting comet collided with Jupiter. It was the first time in recorded history that Astronomers had observed a collision between two celestial objects.

  • 1983 Orly Airport attack

    A Turkish Airlines check-in counter was bombed at the Orly Airport in Paris, killing 8 people and injuring more than 50 people. The Armenian militant organization ASALA took responsibility for the attack.

  • 1955 Mainau Declaration is signed by 18 Nobel laureates

    The declaration against the use of nuclear weapons was initiated by German scientists Otto Hahn and Max Born.

  • 1799 The Rosetta Stone is found

    The ancient Egyptian rock inscribed with a decree by King Ptolemy V was found in the Egyptian port city of Rashid (Rosetta) by French Captain Pierre Bouchard.

Births On This Day – July 15

  • 1951 Jesse Ventura

    American wrestler, actor, politician, 38th Governor of Minnesota

  • 1950 Arianna Huffington

    Greek/American author, columnist, founded The Huffington Post

  • 1930 Jacques Derrida

    French philosopher

  • 1858 Emmeline Pankhurst

    British political activist, suffragette

  • 1606 Rembrandt

    Dutch painter

Deaths On This Day – July 15

  • 1961 John Edward Brownlee

    Canadian politician

  • 1948 John J. Pershing

    American general

  • 1904 Anton Chekhov

    Russian physician, author

  • 1857 Carl Czerny

    Austrian pianist, composer

  • 1521 Juan Ponce de León

    Spanish explorer, 1st Governor of Puerto Rico

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