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On this day in history - June 9

What Happened On This Day – June 9

  • 1967 Israel captures the Golan Heights from Syria

    Israel's occupation of the territory and the establishment of Israeli settlements in the area continue to hamper negotiations to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing Middle East conflict.

  • 1957 Four Austrian climbers become the first to conquer Broad Peak

    Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt Diemberger, and Hermann Buhl reached the 8051 meter-high summit of one of the world's highest mountains on the border of Pakistan and China.

  • 1946 Bhumibol Adulyadej is crowned King of Thailand

    At the time of his death on October 13, 2016, he was the world's longest reigning head of state, with 70 years on the throne.

  • 1934 Donald Duck makes his film debut in The Wise Little Hen

    The short-tempered duck typically wearing a sailor suit is one of Walt Disney's most famous cartoon characters. Donald's first book appearance was in The Adventures of Mickey Mouse, which was published in 1931.

  • 1928 Charles Kingsford Smith completes the world's first trans-Pacific flight

    The Australian aviator and his 4-man crew had departed Oakland, California on the morning on May 31. Nine days later, after several stops, they landed safely in Brisbane.

Illustration of stork, signifying birth

Births On This Day,
June 9

  • 1963 Johnny Depp

    American actor, singer, producer, director

  • 1961 Michael J. Fox

    Canadian/American actor, producer, author

  • 1961 Aaron Sorkin

    American screenwriter, producer, playwright

  • 1915 Les Paul

    American guitarist, songwriter, co-designed the Gibson Guitar

  • 1891 Cole Porter

    American composer

Illustration of tombstone, signifying death

Deaths On This Day,
June 9

  • 2013 Iain Banks

    Scottish author

  • 2011 M. F. Husain

    Indian painter, director

  • 1974 Miguel Ángel Asturias

    Guatemalan journalist, author, poet, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 1870 Charles Dickens

    English author

  • 68 Nero

    Roman Emperor