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On This Day in History, July 19

What Happened On This Day – July 19

  • 1903 The first Tour de France comes to an end

    Maurice Garin became the first person to win the debut of the now annual bike race.

  • 1900 Paris Metro opens

    One of the densest metros in the world and the second largest metro in Europe, the first line of the Paris Metro opened during the World's Fair.

  • 1870 Franco-Prussian War starts

    The war involving France, under Napoleon and the Kingdom of Prussia began with French declaration of war. The war lasted for 9 months and ended with a German victory.

  • 1848 Seneca Falls Convention begins

    One of the first women's rights convention to be held in American history, the two-day convention attracted 300 women and men who protested the social, economic, and political discrimination American women faced.

  • 1553 Mary I replaces Lady Jane Grey as Queen of England

    Also known as Bloody Mary due to her brutal persecution of Protestants, Mary I was the only child of Catherine of Aragon and Henry III.

Births On This Day – July 19

  • 1922 George McGovern

    American politician, historian, author

  • 1921 Harold Camping

    American broadcaster, author

  • 1834 Edgar Degas

    French painter

  • 1827 Mangal Pandey

    Indian freedom fighter

  • 1814 Samuel Colt

    American inventor, industrialist, founded the Colt's Manufacturing Company

Deaths On This Day – July 19

  • 2012 Omar Suleiman

    Egyptian politician, Vice President of Egypt

  • 2002 Alan Lomax

    American historian, author, scholar

  • 1980 Hans Morgenthau

    German philosopher

  • 1543 Mary Boleyn

    English sister of Anne Boleyn

  • 1374 Petrarch

    Italian scholar, poet

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