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On this day in history - January 16

What Happened On This Day – January 16

  • 2005 Adriana Iliescu gives birth at the age of 66

    The Romanian university lecturer broke the record for the world's oldest birth mother.

  • 1992 The civil war in El Salvador ends

    The war had lasted over 12 years and left more than 75,000 people dead.

  • 1979 The Shah of Iran flees the country

    As a consequence, Ayatollah Khomeini later took power and proclaimed the Islamic Republic.

  • 1919 Prohibition begins in the United States

    The 18th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors.

Illustration of stork, signifying birth

Births On This Day,
January 16

  • 1974 Kate Moss

    English model

  • 1959 Sade Adu

    Nigerian/English singer-songwriter, producer

  • 1948 John Carpenter

    American director

  • 1933 Susan Sontag

    American author

  • 1932 Dian Fossey

    American zoologist

Illustration of tombstone, signifying death

Deaths On This Day,
January 16

  • 2009 John Mortimer

    English lawyer, author

  • 1986 Herbert W. Armstrong

    American evangelist, author, publisher

  • 1979 Ted Cassidy

    American actor

  • 1957 Arturo Toscanini

    Italian conductor

  • 1917 George Dewey

    American Admiral