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On This Day in History, September 17

What Happened On This Day – September 17

  • 1978 Camp David Accords are signed

    The Camp David Accords were signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The accords were the precursor to the 1974 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

  • 1939 Man runs 10,000 meters in less than 30 minutes for the first time in recorded history

    Finnish runner, Taisto Mäki, broke his previous record by running the distance in 29 minutes 52 seconds.

  • 1894 A day after Japan wins the Battle of Pyongyang it defeats China in the Battle of the Yalu River

    Also known as the Battle of the Yellow Sea, the conflict was fought between Japan and China during the First Sino-Japanese War.

  • 1862 Bloodiest Single Day of the American Civil War takes place

    The Battle of Antietam was fought near the Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Thought to be the deadliest single day of the American Civil War – at least 4000 soldiers on both sides died – the battle ended Confederate General Robert E. Lee incursion into the North. While there were no clear victors, many believed that the withdrawal of Confederate soldiers from the battlefield before the Union Army did meant that the Union had won the battle.

  • 1809 Treaty of Fredrikshamn is signed between Sweden and Russia

    Also known as the Treaty of Hamina, it concluded the Finnish War and ceded Swedish territories, which later formed Finland to Russia.

Births On This Day – September 17

  • 1985 Tomáš Berdych

    Czech tennis player

  • 1975 Jimmie Johnson

    American race car driver

  • 1923 Hank Williams

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist

  • 1915 M. F. Husain

    Indian painter, director

  • 1879 Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

    Indian businessman, politician, activist

Deaths On This Day – September 17

  • 1997 Red Skelton

    American actor, comedian

  • 1996 Spiro Agnew

    American politician, 39th Vice President of the United States

  • 1994 Karl Popper

    Austrian/English philosopher

  • 1948 Ruth Benedict

    American anthropologist

  • 1179 Hildegard of Bingen

    German saint, philosopher, composer

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