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On this day in history - December 4

What Happened On This Day – December 4

  • 1991 Pan Am ceases operations

    The Pan American World Airways, the largest airline in the United States began operations in October 1927.

  • 1982 China adopts its current constitution

    The Constitution of the People's Republic of China replaced the Constitutions of 1954, 1975, and 1978.

  • 1980 Led Zeppelin disbands

    The British rock band announced that it was disbanding 12 years after coming on the music scene after the death of drummer John Bonham.

  • 1978 Dianne Feinstein became the first female mayor of San Francisco

    A United States Senator from California, Feinstein became the 38th mayor of San Francisco after the murder of George Moscone.

  • 1791 First Sunday paper published

    The Observer, a British newspaper became the first newspaper in the world to be published and read on a Sunday.

Illustration of stork, signifying birth

Births On This Day,
December 4

  • 1969 Jay-Z

    American rapper, producer, actor, co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records

  • 1964 Marisa Tomei

    American actress

  • 1949 Jeff Bridges

    American actor, singer, producer

  • 1923 Charles Keating

    American lawyer, businessman

  • 1892 Francisco Franco

    Spanish general, politician, Caudillo of Spain

Illustration of tombstone, signifying death

Deaths On This Day,
December 4

  • 1993 Frank Zappa

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer

  • 1976 Benjamin Britten

    English composer, conductor, pianist

  • 1975 Hannah Arendt

    German/American theorist, philosopher

  • 1893 John Tyndall

    British physicist

  • 1123 Omar Khayyám

    Persian mathematician, astronomer, poet