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On This Day in History, November 3

What Happened On This Day – November 3

  • 1978 Dominica gains independence

    The Caribbean Island nation gained its independence from the British after being colonized in 1805.

  • 1973 NASA launches Mariner 10

    The last of the Mariner Program, Mariner 10 was the first spacecraft to flyby two planets - Venus and Mercury. The probe flew by Venus on February 5, 1974, and did 3 flybys of Mercury on March 29, 1974, September 21, 1974, and on March 16, 1975, after which communications with the probe were terminated.

  • 1954 Godzilla released

    The Japanese science fiction starring a mutated monster of the same name became an instant hit.

  • 1868 John Willis Menard elected to U.S. House of Representatives

    He became the first African-American to be elected to the house.

  • 1838 The Times of India founded

    The world's largest English-language daily was launched as a bi-weekly as the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce in Bombay, India.

Births On This Day – November 3

  • 1957 Dolph Lundgren

    Swedish actor

  • 1949 Anna Wintour

    English/American journalist, editor

  • 1933 Amartya Sen

    Indian economist, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 1918 Bob Feller

    American baseball player

  • 1815 John Mitchel

    Irish journalist, activist

Deaths On This Day – November 3

  • 1996 Jean-Bédel Bokassa

    Central African politician, 2nd President of the Central African Republic

  • 1957 Wilhelm Reich

    Austrian/American psychotherapist

  • 1954 Henri Matisse

    French painter

  • 1926 Annie Oakley

    American target shooter

  • 361 Constantius II

    Roman emperor

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