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On This Day in History, January 20

What Happened On This Day – January 20

  • 2009 Barack Obama is sworn in as U.S. president

    Obama became the country's first black president.

  • 1981 The Iran hostage crisis ends

    52 U.S. citizens were released after 444 days at the hands of a group of Islamists.

  • 1969 The killing of a student activist sets the stage for the Bangladesh Liberation War

    The war resulted in the secession of East Pakistan from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the establishment of Bangladesh as a sovereign nation.

  • 1942 Nazi officials meet to organize the extermination of Jews

    During the Wannsee Conference in Berlin, the Nazis discussed what they called the “Final Solution to the Jewish question”.

  • 1934 Fujifilm is founded

    The Japanese photography and electronics company soon became a global player in its field.

Births On This Day – January 20

  • 1971 Gary Barlow

    English singer-songwriter, pianist, producer

  • 1956 Bill Maher

    American comedian, actor, television host

  • 1946 David Lynch

    American director

  • 1930 Buzz Aldrin

    American pilot, astronaut

  • 1920 Federico Fellini

    Italian director

Deaths On This Day – January 20

  • 2012 Etta James

    American singer-songwriter

  • 1993 Audrey Hepburn

    Belgian/English actress, singer

  • 1936 George V

    of the United Kingdom

  • 1900 John Ruskin

    English author

  • 1837 John Soane

    English architect

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