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On This Day in History, October 16

What Happened On This Day – October 16

  • 1986 First Person to Scale all Eight-Thousanders

    Italian Mountaineer, Reinhold Messner, scaled the Lhotse, in Nepal. It is the world’s 4th tallest peak, and it is one of the 14 eight-thousanders – mountains that are more than 8000 meters above sea level.

  • 1978 First Non-Italian to Win the Papacy since 1523

    Karol Józef Wojtyła, the Archbishop of Kraków, won the papal elections that were held after his predecessor Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days in office. As Pope, Wojtyła took on the name of John Paul II. He was the second-longest serving pope in modern history, after Pope Pius IX, who was in office for over 31 years.

  • 1964 First Chinese Nuclear Test

    Codenamed Chic-1 or 596, the 22 kiloton uranium fission device was dropped at Lop Nur. With this test, China became the fifth nuclear power state in the World. The other four are the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, and France. Israel is thought to have nuclear weapons, however, they do not publicly admit the fact.

  • 1945 Food and Agriculture Organization established

    The Food and Agriculture Organization, popularly known as the FAO was established in Quebec City, Canada.

  • 1923 The Walt Disney Company is Founded

    A leader in the international entertainment industry, the company was created by brothers Walt and Roy as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Today, the company is synonymous with cartoon and animated movies and characters.

Births On This Day – October 16

  • 1977 John Mayer

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer

  • 1974 Paul Kariya

    Canadian ice hockey player

  • 1925 Angela Lansbury

    English/American actress, singer

  • 1888 Eugene O'Neill

    American playwright, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 1886 David Ben-Gurion

    Israeli politician, 1st Prime Minister of Israel

Deaths On This Day – October 16

  • 2011 Dan Wheldon

    English race car driver

  • 1981 Moshe Dayan

    Israeli general, politician, 5th Minister of Foreign Affairs for Israel)

  • 1951 Liaquat Ali Khan

    Indian/Pakistani lawyer, politician, Prime Minister of Pakistan

  • 1793 Marie Antoinette

    Austrian wife of Louis XVI of France

  • 1791 Grigory Potemkin

    Russian military leader, politician

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