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On This Day in History, July 24

What Happened On This Day – July 24

  • 2013 Santiago de Compostela derailment

    A high-speed train traveling from Madrid to Ferrol derailed on a curve killing 79 people and injuring over 100.

  • 1977 The 4-day long Libyan-Egyptian War comes to an end

    The border war began with thousands of Libyans marching towards Egypt's borders.

  • 1959 Kitchen debate between Nixon and Khrushchev

    A series of debates, now popularly called the kitchen debates, occurred between U.S. President Nixon and Soviet Premier Khrushchev in Moscow. Nixon was visiting a house built as part of an exhibit in the American National Exhibition.

  • 1923 The Treaty of Lausanne is signed between Turkey and the countries that formed the Allied Powers in the First World War

    Under the treaty,Turkey had to give up all the territorial claims made by the Ottoman Empire and agree to new borders.

  • 1911 Rediscovery of Machu Picchu

    The 15th century, largely forgotten Inca site in Peru was rediscovered by American Hiram Bingham III.

Births On This Day – July 24

  • 1969 Jennifer Lopez

    American actress, singer, dancer, businesswoman

  • 1900 Zelda Fitzgerald

    American author

  • 1897 Amelia Earhart

    American pilot, author

  • 1802 Alexandre Dumas

    French writer

  • 1783 Simón Bolívar

    Venezuelan commander

Deaths On This Day – July 24

  • 2012 Robert Ledley

    American scientist, invented the full-body CT scanner

  • 2012 John Atta Mills

    Ghanaian politician, 3rd President of Ghana

  • 2010 Alex Higgins

    Irish snooker player

  • 1980 Peter Sellers

    English film actor, comedian, singer

  • 1862 Martin Van Buren

    American politician, 8th President of the United States

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