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On This Day in History, February 25

What Happened On This Day – February 25

  • 1994 An Israeli doctor kills 30 unarmed Palestinians in the Mosque of Abraham

    The massacre by right-wing extremist Baruch Goldstein was widely condemned, also in Israel.

  • 1991 The Warsaw Pact is disbanded

    Following the end of the Cold War, the defense treaty between 8 communist states had lost its purpose. It had been signed in 1955 as an antagonist of NATO.

  • 1986 Corazon Aquino is sworn in as the 11th President of the Philippines

    Aquino's presidency ended 20 years of dictatorship. She was the first female president in Asia.

  • 1964 Muhammad Ali becomes world heavyweight champion

    Ali, who still used his original name Cassius Clay at the time, is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history.

  • 1947 The state of Prussia is dissolved

    At its peak, the most important state of the German empire encompassed parts of modern-day Germany, Poland, and Russia.

Births On This Day – February 25

  • 1943 George Harrison

    English singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer

  • 1917 Anthony Burgess

    English author

  • 1873 Enrico Caruso

    Italian tenor

  • 1861 Rudolf Steiner

    Austrian philosopher, educator

  • 1778 José de San Martín

    Argentinian general, politician, 1st President of Peru

Deaths On This Day – February 25

  • 2001 Donald Bradman

    Australian cricketer

  • 1975 Elijah Muhammad

    American religious leader

  • 1970 Mark Rothko

    Latvian/American painter

  • 1723 Christopher Wren

    English architect, designed St Paul's Cathedral

  • 805 Emperor Dezong of Tang

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