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On This Day in History, July 3

What Happened On This Day – July 3

  • 2013 Coup in Egypt

    Egyptian defense minister Abdul Fatah al-Sisi staged a coup and forced out President Mohamed Morsi, just over a year after he was elected.

  • 1988 Iran Air flight 655 is shot down by a US Navy ship

    The USS Vincennes mistakenly shot down the airplane en route to Dubai, killing all 290 people aboard. The Vincennes, a guided missile cruiser, incorrectly identified the plane as a military aircraft. In 1996, the United States government made a cash settlement with Iran in order to close the case Iran had brought against the US in the International Court of Justice.

  • 1962 Algeria gains its independence from France

    Algeria's independence from France, after 132 years of French rule, was finalized after the signing of the Évian Accords in the spa town of Évian-les-Bains. The accords ended a 7-year long voilent war of independence. Independence was finally achieved after the July 1, 1962, referendum favored complete Algerian independence. Ahmed Ben Bella became the first President of the country.

  • 1863 Battle of Gettysburg ends

    The 3-day long battle during the American Civil War was fought between the Union and Confederacy in-and-around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Thought to be one of the bloodiest battles of the war – around 50,000 soldiers were lost on both sides – the Battle of Gettysburg marked a key turning point in the conflict. The decisive Union victory led to the retreat of Confederate soldiers from the north.

  • 1844 The Great Auks go extinct

    The last known pair of Great Auks, members of a species of flightless birds, were killed off the coast of Iceland at the request of a collector. It is believed that the extinction of these birds was caused by human activities and hunting due to the high demand for their feathers.

Births On This Day – July 3

  • 1980 Harbhajan Singh

    Indian cricketer

  • 1971 Julian Assange

    Australian journalist, publisher, activist, founder of WikiLeaks

  • 1962 Tom Cruise

    American actor, writer, director, producer

  • 1949 Bo Xilai

    Chinese politician

  • 1883 Franz Kafka

    Czech/German writer

Deaths On This Day – July 3

  • 2012 Andy Griffith

    American actor, singer, producer, screenwriter

  • 1995 Pancho Gonzales

    American tennis player

  • 1971 Jim Morrison

    American singer-songwriter, poet

  • 1935 André Citroën

    French engineer, businessman, founded Citroën

  • 1904 Theodor Herzl

    Austrian journalist, author

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